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If there are any old Spooks and Spies out there , read and grin. ( yeah, I know it's not a question )?

YOU MIGHT BE ASA IF....PT is cancelled because of sun....Your boots were last polished at the factory....Your GT score is higher than your PT score....When you get an order the first thing out of your mouth is " WHY ".....The field is where a farmer works....If you give us Gods frequency we will monitor him too...You think Air Assualt is when the air conditioner in the SCIF breaks down, and lastly , When you got to Devens , you asked for your cloak and dagger.


8th RRFS 1970

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    Thanks, I appreciated that.

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    Old Spooks And Spies

  • 1 decade ago

    It is not a question but this is funny rofl

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