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Highschool Outfit ideas ? Please help :/?

Hi Im a freshman and I just started my first day of high school today. Im going school shopping this weekend and i needed some ideas on what to wear thats cute and fashionable and unique. Im not like a preppy preppy kinda girl, Im a girly girl and i just really need outfit ideas. I've noticed a lot of girls with: (dresses, boots, heels, blouses, jewelry) ect. Plus it also gets kind of boring sometimes wearing sneakers jeans and a t-shirt everyday. I really really like the forever 21 but i just don't know what to buy. So if you guys could give me some ideas and outfits maybe ? That would be great :) Thanks.


Hi guys thanks so much for the advice and ideas :D I really appreciate it.

P.S ( I kinda don't know how to comment on your answer's so im just gonna write it on here and hopefully you'll see it o_O lol)

* Lindsay: Thanks for all the great ideas !! I will keep all those things in mind while shopping. The dresses are great ideas with boots and a scarf for the fall season and I will definatley keep it unique and my style.


Thanks for answering and your answers were great :D. I will definatley check out those websites. And I've been to 5.7.9 before and they sell a lot of good stuff for a great price too !

Thanks everyone for answering (:


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    Well you said you're a girly girl so I have a couple of ideas for you that you can repeat.


    a) Dress and a sweater: You can find a girly dress with ruffles, or a cute pattern, zippers, flowers, a bright color, anything you like and then add a neutral sweater to go over it. Pair it with colorful flats or heels that go with your dress.

    b) A solid top (tank top, short-sleeved, and/or long-sleeved all work) that is form-fitting and a patterned skirt. You can wear it high-waisted or wear it on your hips with metallic sandals, flats, and/or heels. Note: You can find t-shirts that are more unique, like rouging on the sleeves or some beading on the neckline.

    c) Jeans and a cool top. Look for sparkles, ribbons, flowers, ruffles, bright colors, lace and anything you're drawn to. Also look for fits, loose or tailored, long or short etc. If you want to add something more you can wear a colorful sweater or a boyfriend blazer over it. It will add a sense of maturity to your look but still keep it playful and trendy.

    These are really classic looks that you can change up anyway you like.

    By the way, when looking for things to try on keep in mind some of the new big trends:

    - military styles (anything military green, or with bronze/silver metal buttons works)

    - nautical (navy blue, anchors, stripes etc.)

    - lace (try it in a full-lace top that you can wear a colored or a nude tank top underneath, or cute leggings!)

    - leather (especially in shoes and jackets)

    - camel (it's basically a shade of brown, like tan, and it works really well in over-sized sweaters)

    I hope I could help, and have fun shopping! :)

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    Okay, so I think I'll be a good help, since I'm a sophomore, and my first day was yesterday.(:

    For clothes, if Abercrombie & Hollister are popular at your school, I'd say go for that. I have a few things from there but I don't base my whole wardrobe on that.

    I also like American Eagle, which you probably know, which is basically more preppy & realistic than Abercromibe & Hollister.

    Another cool store is Wet Seal. It's kind of like Forever 21, which I love because of their super-low prices & amazinggg styles (:

    There's 5-7-9, tooooooo. Their website kinda sucks but that have super cool & chic clothes there, I'd check it out if I were youuu, I love that place<3

    I also ADORE Buckle! Their clothes are a littttle pricey but they're so much higher quality than Abercrombie & Hollister, also they have clothes there that I can pretty much guarantee you won't see anybody else wearing! (in a good way, hahah)

    And never forget Target!(; They always have something cute there, for super-super-superrrr low prices!

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    Get skirts like high waisted skirts,studded skirts,ruffle skirts,or even floral. Since it is more fall now and less summer,try a pair of opaque tights preferably black. These will keep you warm but you'll still look cute. Try leopard prints which are really in right now,blazers,cardigans,camel colors,military inspired. Im sure you can find it all at forever 21. If you dont have boots,get a pair in black,brown or gray. Get some cute scarfs too.skinny jeans are a must(in all washes),and a pair of flats if possible.

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    hey, my style is similar to yours, girly girl with a twist. i am a girly girl for sure but like to mix it up. id try forever 21 or delias, maybe even aeropostale. try dresses with boots and even wear a scarf with it if you'd like. high waisted skirts. stuff like that. hot pink, purples are girly girl colors.

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