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Major in Zoology or Entomology?

I am a senior in high school, so college is coming real soon. I am very fond/interested in bugs, such as spiders, which is why I am considering Entomology as my major. Earthworms also interest me, which is why I am considering Zoology. For the past 3 years I told myself Entomology was the right major, however, not many California colleges have it (only Davis and Riverside). Zoology is offered at more CA colleges, such as San Francisco State. And at least Zoology has a wider spectrum, allowing me to focus on bugs and earthworms. I know ultimately the choice is mine, but I just want some feedback.

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    Zoology is a good starter. Chances are if you're into biology you will need to go from undergraduate through PhD. If this is the case you can do research while in undergrad that focuses more toward entomology and then make that your focus for a thesis in graduate school. For a senior in high school I would recommend getting into research and lab-work as soon as possible once in university. Most universities won't let you start until your second year but try none the less. Getting into research and lab-work early on will not only give you a little extra money but will help you figure out what you like faster, give you a leg up for grad school, and help build your resume. Good luck in whatever you decide.

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    And to characteristic to what others have reported, bugs are significant agricultural pests (to boot as human pests and sickness vectors), so there are significant financial motives to devote an entire branch to their learn.

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    the choice is urs !

    u could apply to colleges in WASHINTON (the state) nevada oklahoma or texa but ......

    u should remember wat u major in is wat u want to be emphasis on U

    i think with zoology as more job opprotunies but u do want u want not wat some stranger thinks

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