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I am in the market for a reawards credit card...I want to use my rewards as either cash or airline miles. Which Crad do you reccomend? I have an outstanding credit score, and will qualify ofr anything. (except Amex Black)

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    use the sams club discover card wich comes with 2% cash back on all purchases made anywere in the u.s. you get a big *** check at the end of the year wich can be cashed at any register at your local sams club.

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    If you travel extensively, look at AmEx. Travel & Entertainment was their lifeblood for several decades. Their co-branded airline cards offer miles, their Blue Sky offers travel credits, and all charge cards except the Zync can transfer points into airline programs, which may yield a return greater than 1%. All their cards have a suite of shopping and travel benefits that are more or less useful.

    Discover also has an air travel card. I'm not very familiar with it. I use their cashback card for its 5% categories. I'm actually getting 5.75% on those and 1% on everything else, but that's a promo rate and I don't know how long it'll last or who is eligible for it. They let you get cash like a debit card from participating merchants, at purchase terms (not cash advance terms), which is pretty useful. You can redeem your cashback for gift cards worth more than the actual value of your cashback.Their purchase protections are not as good as AmEx, though.

    AmEx and Discover are rated #1 and #2 for customer satisfaction, respectively, by JD Power. Both have useful web sites, although AmEx's is slightly better. Downsides: AmEx has a reputation for purchase profiling, and suspending accounts and doing financial reviews. Discover has a reputation for stingy credit lines. Neither is accepted as widely as Visa or MasterCard.

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    Think you need to exchange for a few spelling lessons first ha ha

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