If echo,holter monitor,ecg are ok,is it possible to have any heart disease?

don't have any history of heart disease but i have tachycardia since i know about me. The problem is that my tachycardia becomes faster and faster,so i lose my breathe and i need to sit.

My hr when i am sitting is around 70-85. Normal. But when i stand up it increases so much,so it can reach 170 per minute.

So i visited many cardiologists,so they did echo,ekg,24 holter monitor and stress test,and results came back normal at all. Only they showed rapid heartbeat.

Yesterday i talked with one doctor who said that it can be any coronary disease and i am very scared now.

Why cardiologists didn't send me to do coronary angiography? Is it need in my case?

I am so afraid that i have it and i am gonna have any heart attack! Is it possible to have coronary disease if my bp is 110/70 and other results from blood and echo are normal? Pls write,i am very scared!

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    An electrocardiogram records only 10 seconds of information. If there is a positive finding it is likely a true positive but if it is normal it tells you very little. A Holter monitor records 24 hours of information. Your tachycardia may not occur every day so if the Holter monitor is normal a physician has the option to put on a 48 or a 72 hour Holter and if these are normal there is something called an event monitor which is worn for 30 days. An echocardiogram measures structure and function not heart rhythm. A stress test is in theory to test for coronary ischemia meaning coronary artery disease. An angiogogram is most defnitely not indicated based upon your history. You clearly state that you have heart rates up to 170 beats per minute. If this was not captured on the 24 hour Holter then a 48 or a 72 hour Holter should be done and if this is still not captured an event monitor should be placed. If even the event monitor fails to demonstrate a rapid heart rhythm consideration should be given to an electrophysiologic study of the heart which in some ways in similar to an angiogram. It sounds to me as if your tachycardia has been identified. If there is suspicion of a re-entrant tachycardia an electrophysiologic study must be done. If it is simple sinus tachycardia then the treatment is most often with a beta blocker. If I may be of further assistance please let me know. I wish you the very best of health and in all things may God bless.

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    There are plenty of tests that doctors can do: EKG, stress test, echocardiogram, cardiac catherization, can't remember them all. If you are really concerned and the doctor has reason to believe you need the tests, by all means have them. I have been checked by my doctor doing half of these tests and I have a clean bill of health. I was concerned about my heart since my dad had to have five-way bypass seven years ago.

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