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Do you think this is Lymphoma?

Hi there, my friend's daughter just went in for a cat scan and blood were to be done and they noticed that in her groin area her lymph nodes are all swollen and crazy, and in her blood work her white blood cells were a little high. they will be doing a biopsy on her lymph nodes in her groin on tuesday, and the doctor told my friend that he thinks it might be lymphoma. The poor girl is only ten. Could it be something else? Could she be treated? Im so worried for her im making myself sick!

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    there is absolutely no way in the world that anyone here could know whether or not it could be. FWIW though most forms of lymphoma, especially that appearing in children, seem to have good survival rates (my 6yo son has a terminal brain cancer so I know many children with lymphoma from our times in hospital & their prognosis are all good - there are different types of lymphoma though)

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