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contraceptive help!!!!!!?

1. list 4 different contraceptive methods that contains hormones or synthetic hormones

2. which method of contraceptive results 3 out of 4 girls getting pregnant within a year?

3. a female who has a history circulatory problems should avoid using several different contraceptives. list 2...

4. barrier contraceptives tend to have the least side effectsm or unwanted reactions. list 3 different devices.

5.what are the benefits of using norplants, depo provera, nuva ring, and the patch as methods for preventing unwanted pregnencies compared to the oral conraceptive?

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    1. Depo, Birth control pills, the *patch*, Nuva-Ring

    2. Birth control pills - they generally aren't taken properly

    3. Birth control Pills, Depo

    4. IUD, Diaphragm, Implanon

    You're on your own with number 5 - I've helped you enough

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    Err what are the benefits of someone doing their own homework.

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