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Who are all of the United States allies?

Major Allies

and Minor Allies

I know we have Britain, Israel, S. Korea ..who else?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Major = powerful, or Major = solid?

    Assume solid, potent.

    The US is very freindly with the powers that be across the world and a has crafted a global security blanket to protect themselves and their interests

    By Region:


    -NAFTA binds Mexico, and Canada economically . Colombia became ally during US anti-drug operations.

    -Chile is friendly since Pinochet took over and made Chile a capitalist trailblazer friendly to US buisness.

    -Vensuala is certainly a rival, along with the Latin American leftist countries like Bolivia and Cuba

    -Brazil in Neutral, sees itself as a meditaor between US and Venzuala, likes to balance.

    2. Middle East

    -Saudi Arabia and the Gulf oil states are strong allies of the US, since their anti-jihadist gov'ts and the US are concerned about maintaing secure oil flow in the region and preventing Iranian expansion

    - Iraq is neutral, lot of Iranian influence

    -Egypt is a solid ally,

    -Israel is an ally for now, but starting to butt heads with the US a lot more

    - Libya and Sudan cooperated with the US in anti-Jihadist operations after 911, and despite animosity over idealoigical differences are neutral toward the US

    -Syria is an enemy, cooperates with Iran. Lebanon starting to trend this way as well.

    - Turkey is an old-cold war ally, economically allied with the EU, but growing more neutral to the US, similar to Brazil it sees itself as a bridge between Western and Iranian interests

    3. CIS

    - Russia hates the US, and has Kazakstan, Belarus,Kyrgstan, Ukraine, and Armenia under its wing.

    - Tajikstan interested in US victory in Afghanstan

    -Uzbekistan like Turkey and Brazil

    -Poland is the strongest US ally in CIS, as it is scared of Russian power growth and is willing to stand up to Russia unlike Germany. It is also quite right-wing, so economic idealogy is simialr to US free market orthodoxy

    4. Asia

    -China economically forced to be a US ally, or at least neutral due to hisotrical animosity and some rivarly

    - SK, Japan, allies

    -India is rather distrustful of the US for supporting Pakistan too much and the US wants to keep India under control

    -Pakistan cannot be dexcribed in one sentence

    -Thailand an old US cold war ally,

    -Australia was the US's most fervent supporter during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, especially the Liberals

    -no idea about Indonesia

    - Vietnam is neutral like China

    -NK is an enemy

    West Europe:

    - Pretty much all allies. France has some rivalry, want the EU not to play second fiddle to the US

    -Germany is cooperating more with Russia than the US wants, but still friendly


    -The public in the Sub-Sahara absolutly LOVES the US. Most of the global public really dislikes the US in other parts of the world, despite the political elite liking the US.

    -don't know much about Africa

    - Uganda, Botswana, i think are allies. Many sub-saharans dependent on US aid money.

    -South Africa has some rivalry, given the US's alliance with the Apartheid regime

    -Al-Shadab, the primarily Somali leadership hates the US


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  • 4 years ago

    in accordance to a Conservative a million) Israel 2) uk 3) Germany 4) Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia (exceptionally lots each and every of the Russian friends, we in basic terms have a Mutual risk-free practices %. with those 3 i think of) 5) Canada/Australia(i do no longer know if the two of those is extremely sturdy. they could the two probable be on our area besides. Canada is probable extra suitable.) in accordance to a liberal a million) France 2) Israel 3) uk 4) Canada 5) IDK Australia those are the the main suitable option 5 allies besides the undeniable fact that in case you elect to renowned who i could choose to area with different than countless the susceptible allies, this could we the order. a million) uk 2) India 3) Israel 4) Germany 5) Italy in basic terms lacking:South Korea, Japan observe: i attempted to no longer positioned down sturdy militaries that we are no longer very friendly with that i could area with like Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and China. i'm no longer asserting they could necesarily be against us, yet they are no longer very close. you're question is slightly complicated it particularly is the reason mine has such quite some solutions.

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  • 10 years ago

    Why are you not doing your own reading and homework.

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