which music is better?

pop music or metal?

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    Music is enjoyable Pop or instrumental music is music.

    Depending on our surroundings we prefer a certain type of music.

    I prefer carnatic music, vocal or instrumental.

    But feel happy to listen other musics like Jazz, Hindustani Western etc.

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    There are such a lot of exceptional chances and reviews for the reply of this question and I consider the stereotypical, widespread reply could be due to the fact that it is "catchy" and all I need to say approximately that reply is drop useless haha. The actual and truly musician/avid track listener's reply could be that the music has lyrics from the guts and actual that means to each and every facet of the music. I additionally think that to ensure that the music to have truly that means and actual chemistry for the listener, the band have to have an strong chemistry. Many examples of this are bands which were shaped via persons who've been peers on account that they have been children equivalent to Red Hot Chili Peppers(even though the band had at first shaped with yet another drummer and guitarist the present contributors have recognized eachother ceaselessly), Sublime, Incubus, Foo Fighters, and Weezer. BQ: Incubus BQ2: Nice to grasp you

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    pop music music is better

  • 5 years ago

    Both are awesome.. It depends how meaningful and how you understand and relate to the lyrics of the music you are listening

    Hope i helped you :D

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