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Do Men Compare their Girlfriends unfavorably to the Women in the Lads and Soft Porn Magazines?

I can't remember what brought the conversation up but me and my other half got onto the conversation of soft porn mags such as Nuts and Loaded (which he buy now and again).

He said something to me about how he could look at the images and still prefer me.

Well i know i should be flattered by this, but instead i felt like i was being compared unfairly to unattainable images of female beauty.

The women i have seen in them were all very heavily airbrushed and the overall images so perfect it didn't look realistic.

To be honest, i don't know if he was being gullible or shallow or what. I never minded him looking at porn or anything else before but now i feel paranoid and insecure over this.

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    Kelly, most men look at porn, especially now that it's so easy to get on the internet. It's just a fantasy thing for guys, just like women like to read romance novels, and guys don't think that a woman would expect her guy to be like the guys in romance novels. So don't feel like you're being compared to these airbrushed models and that you can't live up to that. He told you he prefers you, so you should believe him. OF COURSE he prefers a live woman in the flesh to someone on a piece of paper or a computer screen. Your body may not be "perfect", but I am sure he likes it a lot when he sees you naked, and I am sure you turn him on.

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    there is no longer something to be afflicted approximately. the ladies in the magazines or anyplace are only random human beings, don' flow thinking your imperfect through fact of a few touched up photos. And whilst he says he prefers you, i'm able to relate to that. there's a definite somebody i know that i might want to anybody, fairly the fashions. savour :)

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    u r going to beat those girls no matter what if u r in his heart ......

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