Are there any "unsuitable" scenes in the Leonardo Dicaprio movie "Total Eclipse"?

I know it's plot evolves around two men's love etcetera but I wanted to know if it shows any "not so suitable" scenes - I am 15 and you may think I shouldn't be watching this film but are there any gay like GAY scenes, I'm not talking about a kiss or two though. Thanks XD

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  • Jules
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    1 decade ago
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    Of course. "Unsuitable...."

    As in, it's rated R and you are 15? Or as in, you would be uncomfortable watching gay sex?

    Lemme see....

    There is some full frontal male nudity of David Thewlis.

    Some gay sex scenes where the focus is on the men's faces.

    Full rear/frontal female nudity.

    And there is a lot of abuse. Between men & men, Men & women, etc. It's not too graphic for today's standards, just very emotionally disturbing within the plot....

    Aside from the nudity, nobody's actions (sex-wise & violence-wise) are anywhere CLOSE to the kind of things on HBO nowadays. Gay. Straight, or otherwise.

    And it is a great movie. Great characters. Awesome dialogue. A movie that I watched over and over again in high school.

  • ramal
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    4 years ago

    omg! Dicaprio is a very inspirational occasion for each stupid talentless youngster accessible dreaming of having someplace in existence, he particularly manifests this motto "in case you could dream it, you will possibly be it!" heavily, there is not any different reason yet his determination and complicated paintings that he's on the suitable of the international appropriate now - NO different reason. you will possibly be stupid, talentless, not solid-watching all (i'd desire to by no potential get what human beings like approximately his seems even), yet paintings complicated and you will fool the terrific administrators like Cameron, Spielberg, Scorsese, now Nolan (God, please, save Tarantino from him) into believing you're solid, and then they are going to trick the international into believing the comparable ingredient. Johnny Depp is a greater actor, he's a huge actor, he's each and every thing there is to assert approximately appearing. He does what Stanislavsky stated as reliving the character, turning out to be your character, turning each and every cellular of your physique into your character. And Dicaprio does what he stated as "proposing your character", proposing the exterior superficial characteristics of that person, following cliche somewhat than coming up your very own way. BQ: Depp - Edward Scissorhands (i don't usually "love" the flicks he chooses, yet he's previous super in each and every person of them) Dicaprio - The Departed (I usually like the style of videos he's in, yet they're destroyed via his presence)

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