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A good medium between Pinot Grigio and Moscato?

My husband likes the bitter "kick" of pinot grigio, but I don't. I like the sweetness of Moscato and how it goes down smoother. Is there a wine that would be more in the middle to make us both happy? :-) Thanks! (We like white wine better than red).

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    I agree with chardoney in principle, but sometimes they are a bit heavy with their 'buttery, oakey' notes...

    You could try a viognoir (sp) which is quite lighter or a savigion blanc, which is fruitier than a pinot grigio.

    Honestly, good wines are quite reasonable now, so if you like muscato and your honey likes the bite of grigio, stay with both...

    There's really no wine with a clean bite that finishes sweet to suit both of your preferences, so enjoy what you like and try a few new, life's too short

    If you do stray into the red zone perhaps a petite syrah, not too bold with a light body or a barbera, which has a nice spice finish. Both can be paired with anything from salmon to lamb.

    Try a new wine once a week, try different regions and states. California makes great wines, try some from the Shenandoah Valley, do a barrel tasting weekend, they're coming up, buy a ticket and. travel around to all the wineries and taste what you wish and they always have the food recommendations that go with. You don't have to join the snob club to have a great time, just choose a low key atmosphere and have a great time exploring with your man. Cheers.

    Source(s): Live in a great wine making region, have enjoyed wine for years and learned a lot on the tours and working at upscale wine bars and restaurants.
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    try a riesling, of general sweetness and similarity, i would place it directly in the middle between a pinot grigio and a moscato

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    Corvato is correct. Riesling is the obvious answer here.

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    Chardonnay or Chabli

    Source(s): luv wine
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