friend got arrested for child endangerment??

she left her 7 and 2 year old home alone while she went to work. her grandma came and got the kids and she went to jail...what is going to happen to her??

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    Well the children will stay with her mother or in foster care. She will have to do care plan to get her children back in this case she will have to show that she has adequate and appropriate child care for her children while she is at work and a back up plan in case that falls throw. There may be some other things they come up with like parenting classes she has to complete in a certain amount of time. If it is not completed generally in 18 months the courts will take custody of her children from her and try to place them with family or adopt them out.

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    They will likely have to stay with grandma until the investigation is finished. They may offer her classes to attend to work towards getting them back.

    She will need to have proper child care lined up and approved, for sure.

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    based on the jurisdiction, she would have the capacity to probable be processed and released on bail. newborn shielding centers will do an analyze as to if or no longer she would have the capacity to be allowed to keep custody of the little ones or if the grandma will keep them. she would have the capacity to bypass to trial to stand the criminal expenses and be sentenced if chanced on responsible. After assembly the standards CPS recommends, she would desire to be waiting to get custody back finally.

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    Her kids will probably be taken into foster care, and she may have problems getting them back.

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