my friend just got arrested for child endangerment???????

she left her 7 and 2 year old home alone while she went to work. her grandma came and got the kids and she went to jail...what is going to happen to her??

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    1 decade ago
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    my friend had this too.l you dont just lose custody automatically, they do however take the kids into protective custody. they will go to foster care, then they will come up with a treatment plan for your firend , i e. classes, counselling, etc... if she does not cooperate and do everything they demand of her, then they can6 go to the court and file that her custody be permanetly removed. tell your friend to be sure to comply with everything child services demands. as for the criminal proceedings, tell her to talk to a lawyer. Im not sure she will have to either plea guilty or else not guity and go to trial. idk what the maximum and minumum sentences are for that charge in your state. i do know that she probably will not be able to be a teacher or wrok around children if she is convicted.

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    Depending on the jurisdiction, she will probably be processed and released on bail. Child protective services will do an investigation as to whether or not she will be allowed to retain custody of the kids or if the grandma will keep them. She will go to trial to face the criminal charges and be sentenced if found guilty. After meeting the requirements CPS recommends, she should be able to get custody back eventually.

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    She will probably loose custody of the children.

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