White people with Dreads?

Found this interesting blogpost about white people with dreadlocks...just wondering what other people think of it..

All points of view are appreciated!

It's an easy read...



I'm not sure if you're addressing myself or one of the commenters, but I'm not interested in going "back and forth all day" about abything w/ u. I'm simply looking for opinions as I have already stated. If you had bothered to read or at least glance at the post, you could have made an intelligent response. But since you didn't let me say this -- First off, you need to calm down, this question is obviously not meant to compare white people having dreads to shaved heads for crusifixes as you said in your response. If you can't understand that I really don't know what else to tell you.

Update 2:



Update 3:

....Okay. No need to be afraid, nothing has gone over my head. I assumed you didn't read the article because you mentioned nothing of dreadlocks' association with Rastafarian culture and instead, listed numerous comparisons that do not have the same stigma as dreadlocks. Wearing a cross is not going to keep you from being hired neither is a shaved head. Both things can be easily explained away by saying 1. you are wearing the crucifix as its original meaning "upright pole" or 2. you have a shaved head b/c you had lice, cancer...the list goes on. Whereas dreadlocks can't be explained away so easily because they are much less acceptable and not to mention, unnatural on a head of straight caucasion-textured hair. Bottom line, those comparisons, rhetorical or not, did nothing for me. On top of all of that, rather than just stating your opinion like everyone else, you decided to insult me by saying I half-way addressed the issue. Either way, I respect your opinion, thanks for responding.

Update 4:

**BTW, locks are not insanitary (as you said) if properly groomed and maintained.

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    I'm a a bit too old for that stuff, but I think dreadlocks are really hot on the younger folks. Ditto for those very precise tiny braids. There's a young couple (white) who live next door to me, & the guy has blond shoulder length dreadlocks & looks great. Also, I work at a college, & some of the young ladies, both white & black, look stunningly beautiful in dreadlocks & probably would no matter how they chose to wear their hair.

    Even when I see people in things that are a joke to me, whether it's hair or clothes, that look like maybe they raided the costume rooms of the Theater Arts Dept., I'm just glad they have so much freedom. About the only obnoxious thing is foul language because it creates a bad atmosphere & seems to say that they hate the world. When we're talking about hair, no matter if it's black, purple, red, or whatever, hey, folks! It's just hair. So, everybody, please enjoy & live & let live.

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    i do not know, usually as blacks we will be able to over board. We do get worn out (i do know i do) of white men and women stealing our patterns and pronouncing we're bizarre or we get dressed humorous or speak humorous. But we see our form of speaking within the major move media plenty and all over the place. So that its self is disturbing. But with that stated, a few matters are simply patterns. We do not consistently possess them and if a white man needs to stroll round with dread locks. And the one individual who does it here's a tall learn head bar delicate on this the city, then so be it. But it dates again to white men and women now not giving credit score for stealing our innovations and patterns and writing it off as they made it up. I would move over a few matters however due to the fact that if a black inventor made anything ago the patent could move the white individual. It simply pisses men and women. Maybe in the event you men weren't so rough on us for being who we're, then we would not move loopy once we see you jocking our form.

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    Dreadlocks are dirty and unsanitary, period. We could go back and forth all day on this topic, but when it comes down to it; every culture/race/ethnicity uses appropriation. Do you know how many non-Christians I have seen wearing a crucifix because they think it's "in style"? How about people wearing a rosary around their neck? Or what about shaved heads, does that not mimic Buddhist monks? I mean, really.. If you're going to address something like this, address all of it or at least attempt to.

    @threadmaker: Yes, I realise that I aimed my response at you specifically and that was incorrect, because you were just wanting everybody's opinion. But, my point still stands firm. I'm afraid what I've said has gone over your head, because the author of that article strictly related the hairstyle of dreadlocks to the Rastafarian religion. I used the comparison of other religions and their "symbols" as a retorical response. Clearly, I read the entire article. But thanks for assuming I didn't.

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    I despise dreads on white people, always have. For some reason it looks way dirty and trashy on us. Would never date a white guy with em, major turn off. But I have had some friends w/dreads, they've all tended to be hippy pot smokers.

    That was a good article, thanks for bringing up the topic.

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  • 5 years ago

    i feel really bad for the people with these views , you obviously dont know anything about hygiene to assume they are unsanitary .

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    F*cking grotesque!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dreads are filthy and disgusting on any race... Very unhygienic.

  • 1 decade ago

    White ppl with dreads are dirty, they don't know how to watch and take care of that shyt.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think they look kind of dumb to be honest. its the same thing if a black guy had a mullet, it just doesn't work.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I been had dreads.Chicks love them.

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