Please state briefly the reasons why you think you are an outstanding candidate for this job?

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I like fried eggs.
Underwater basket-weaving is my passion.
I enjoy long walks on the moon.
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  • Dan B answered 4 years ago
    Many years ago, the chairman of Chrysler Corp (maker of Chrysler and Buicks, etc) James Iacocca was asked a similar question. His answer in so many words was: "My last name says it all. I Am Chairman Of Chrysler Corporation of America." Each letter in his last name spells out his position in the company. He got the job.

    Be creative without being arrogant.
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  • foxiev answered 4 years ago
    What is the job description?
    - duties, hours, requirements, preferences of the employer?

    You can't prepare an answer if you don't know these details and possible others. A general answer or guessing won't impress. If serious about wanting a job, then you need to figure what you have to offer from related experience and or education to meet the needs of the employer.

    If you don't have either, then you need to figure out why would an employer give you a chance to work for them for other reasons? Do you have good references as a student, working for anyone, as a friend or neighbor? Did you volunteer help anywhere? Are there achievements or accomplishments you've made? What are your goals for work, education, financial? What kind of person are you? respectful? cooperative? helpful? positive attitude? outgoing? eager to learn? perseverant? polite? patient?

    Might you have good computer skills you can apply on a job? Typing, data entry and other? Are you approachable? Would you be good answering phones, intake orders or service needs for customers? General help could be a start for experience and good references to move within a business or help find a better job later.

    ARE YOU DEPENDABLE? DO YOU HAVE GOOD LISTENING SKILLS? Many persons think they are good listeners but in fact need alot of improvement with attention to details, comprehension, memory, carrying through to end of task that was expected by employer or customer to begin with.

    Are you ambitious? If you did a job correctly, finished it, would you ask an employer what other work do they need done?

    Why would is be worth the employer's time to consider hiring you? time is money, processing you as an employee, background check, possible drug and alcohol testing, maybe initial shots, orientation, training. How long would it take for an employer to see a balance for their investment in you in the way of better services, help, happier customers, profit...

    The only suggestion I can give without knowing specifics, READ, READ, READ! There is so much helpful information on job hunting websites since you have internet access. There are many free online tutorials from software companies. Microsoft has loads of free learning, other companies have downloads for free trials that you can learn alot from.

    Amazon dot com, has tons of great books often for give away costs. Also, transportation to and from work, school schedule or other availability you have to offer an employer.

    If you are still stuck and want help from anyone then you'll have to provide specific information. Or if you have someone that you could feel comfortable talking with, parents, siblings, friends, teacher, good neighbor, ask for help. If you have anyone who sincerely cares for you, don't hesitate to ask. There is no shame in asking questions and everyone has to start somewhere.

    Lastly if you don't already, associate with good persons, friends, family, time is precious, life goes very fast, you can't go back and do things over, so learn from others' mistakes, try to be aware not fearful. Mistakes and failures can be great teachers, just try to learn as much from others' without repeating the mistakes yourself! Assertiveness is good, ********* isn't, aggressiveness is offensive. Make eye contact when you have a conversation with someone and never forget to thank someone for their time even if it doesn't work out the way you hoped at the time. You don't want to burn bridges, sometimes you don't get a job on the spot but you might get contacted later when a job opens up if you left a good impression with someone seeking work.

    Try not to let negativity get you down, try to limit associating with negative persons and situations. Negativity breeds negativity. Think positively about yourself, invest in taking care of your health, proper sleep, food, exercise, daylight, sunshine, use your mind, develop your abilities.

    Sincerest good luck to you. I haven't logged in a couple of yrs? Just happened to find your question.

    Don't know if you are young man or young lady, doesn't matter to me, I would have shared same time with my kids friends, doesn't matter if I know you personally, just that I cared enough to take the time. Am too tired to edit, shorten etc. But a few minutes for you reading might enlighten you to find your way to land that job!


    Am mother of 2 sons, they're now 30 and 25 yr. old men, I'm very proud of them.
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