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What about lobbying, is it just free speech, or are corporations just looking out for themselves?

How can we limit lobbying activities that are detrimental to the best interests of the American people? Is lobbying just an innocent way for special interests to get their message heard by those who make laws? At what point does lobbying stop being "free speech" and become outright vote buying? What are the ethical views on this subject?

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  • Felix
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    Lobbying is free speech. And it can also be a form of vote buying for pols who are for sale... The constitution gives us the right to assemble and petition our govt. Like-minded people pooling their money to send advocates to DC is free speech 101. Contrary to what most pundits say, they are more good things about lobbying than drawbacks. The good is lobbyists can bring up major flaws and unitended consequences to pols on bills thus preventing some major snafus from seeing the light of day. But there are also unscrupulous lobbyists that try to "lobby" crooked/dumb pols into favoring their business over their competitors. This is called "crony capitalism". Lobbying is a morally neutral form of free speech that can be good or bad. The central problem is the pols who are for sale or use their power to extort money from corporations. E.g. It use to be Microsoft gave ZERO money to pols. But in the Clinton administration, they sued MS under anti-trust laws. And guess what happens now? MS now gives money to both Repubs and Dems now. So does this make MS evils? No..they were victims of extortion. Now you may love or hate Microsoft. That is not the point. Being extorted for protection money is a crime. Unless you're a pol squeezing a corporations for campaign contributions in exchange for avoiding a federal lawsuits... Look, pols (politicians) are not innocent choir boys from Sunnybrook farm. So don't fall for their demonization of corporations while they happily pile truckloads of corporate/union cash into their campaign coffers... Again the problem is not the lobbyists, it is the pols that abuse their power...

  • Bill S
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    The video presentation on this site says it all...

    Including a solution.



    I agree with everything you said, but unfortunately the amount of money from lobbyists far outweighs the amount of money given by "we the people", so the people aren't being heard when it comes to campaign finance. The lobbyists give just as much money to both sides, and both sides use that money to get reelected.

    Ever wonder why congress can have a 13% approval rating right before an election and yet 94% of them get reelected? It is because of the lobbyists. They fund their reelection campaigns... giving them a 5 or 10 to 1 monetary advantage over the challenger. That's why 90%+ of incumbents always get reelected... so nothing ever changes. Same 'ol corrupt group of crooks.

    Watch the videos on the above site. It explains how it all works. (And why it doesn't matter who we elect...nothing is ever going to change if we don't fix THIS.)

    And your definition of free speech is essentially a bribe. Free speech should be limited to "we the people", not "we the corporation".

    I'm a conservative, but I don't believe in subsidies, earmarks, lobbyists, etc. Government shouldn't be in bed with big business.

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    You don't think unions, or perhaps the American Bar Association, lobby?

    Aren't corporations owned by folks like you and me?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Every organization (both for profit and non ) has lobbyists.......

    even Mothers Against Drunk Driving has lobbyists.

    The only way to combat the money funneled from lobbyists to politicians is to ensure there is transparency, so then politicians can be called out on what they have accepted.

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  • 9 years ago

    It is more than corporations. Consider all those sub-groups that crawl out from under rocks for funding (Blacks, Hispanics, GLBT, etc.) And don't forget foreign countries (Bill and Hillary had some major financial ties to China).

  • ikner
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    3 years ago

    unfastened speech? No. unfastened industry? sure. The libertarian view is which you would be allowed to purchase scientific coverage everywhere you please. in spite of the undeniable fact that, in basic terms libertarian thinking dictates that, in case you do no longer carry coverage, there could be no government subsidized charity (welfare) to conceal your scientific costs. via mandating which you purchase motor vehicle coverage, the government attaches this accountability on your privilege to rigidity a motor vehicle. in spite of the undeniable fact that, there isn't any such privilege to which you will nevertheless connect the accountability to hold scientific coverage. life is an appropriate - and an inalienable one - no longer a privilege.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Everybody lobbies,the AARP,unions,Boy Scouts,Indian Tribes

    ,you name it.

    One voice in nothing,a few thousand voices with a big bag of green backs gets listened too.

  • Alan S
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    9 years ago

    yes. It's free speech and corporations are using it to their fullest potential. They'd be foolish not to. If we take it from them then we have to take it from all. If we take it just from them then our laws do not apply equally to all and you're punishing Capitalism at large. One of the hallmarks of an open capitalistic market is that everything is for sale.

  • 9 years ago

    we can't limit lobbyists. it's the evil of our republic. nobody want's to touch the lobbyist issue. everybody knows it yet nobody does anything about it. people talk about wall street and main street but the bad part is on k street.

    limiting lobbyists influence somehow should be all this country cares about. they ruin everything and make anything impossible.

  • 9 years ago

    Oh Shyt, you mean 0bama didn't outlaw lobbying like he said in his campaign? Damn, I thought he never lied!

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