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How can I get my boobs to grow; I'm done growing (haven't in 4 years)?

I'm 15, and I only a 34B.

- I wear a lightly padded bra, and it gives me little cleavage, but I'd have to pull my shirt down a lot to see it, and I don't want to look like a slutt.

I believe I'm done growing because my mom is only a 36B. She said the only time she was a C was when she was pregnant, and I don't plan on EVER being pregnant.

I know guys prefer C cups and up, that's why I want big boobs. I've never had a boyfriend and I believe it's because of my boobs.

I want to be at least a C before I graduate (which is in 2 years). What can I do or eat. Don't tell me pushups because I've done that already.

Thank you.(:

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    15 is NOT an adult. you are a child. dont worry about your boobs or having sex. thats bad for kids futures.

    once you're 19 and 6 months you'll be most likely done growing.

    trust me you dont want a boyfriend, they just use you for sex and ditch you when they get bored. ALL american boys will do that, except the ones that are too scared to talk to girls. wait till you're a full grown woman, than thats truly when dating is worth it. you'll be much wiser when you're 20 if you avoid sex.

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    Girl don't try to get bigger boobs. I got D cups and them suckers are in the flippin way!!! Also, if a guy can't see how beautiful your without big boobs than he is NOT worth it...but if u insist on having atleast a c cup my cousin was just like you and took birth control and she ended up going from a b to a full c cup...not to mention the other weight gain yeah pretty much the only way to get bigger boobs is to gain weight.


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    Just be comfortable with what you have.

    "I know guys prefer C cups and up, that's why I want big boobs. I've never had a boyfriend and I believe it's because of my boobs."

    I'm a 34D and I've never had a boyfriend. My best friend is an A/B cup and she has. It really has nothing to do with breast size haha.

    Don't worry about your boobs. There are much more important things to worry about.

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    you cant make your chest bigger. im pretty sure youve heard that alot. o and heres another one a boy will like you for who you are not for your body. o and your breasts stop growing until maybe your 19 so dont worry im prettyy sure your chest didnt stop growing at 11. when i was twelve i got my first real bra not a training bra so youll just have to wait those two years.

    hoped this helped :)

    Source(s): mwah and my experiences
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    i don't know any way to make them "grow" other than plastic surgery. try a push up bra, bras with the under-wire and padding work good. Victoria's Secret sells some good ones.

    Source(s): i don't use push up bras, but my friend has one from Victoria's Secret, and they make her boobs look like a C cup, and she's only an A.
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    if your boobs haven't grown and you're done growing, the likelihood is that you have what you're going to get.

    you need to learn to be comfortable with who you are on the outside and love that person. don't try to change yourself to please guys, because at the end of the day, you're the only one who has to like who you are. the best way to get guys to notice you is to be confident and to love yourself. how can anyone else love you if you don't?

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    hey we're the same size :) Thankfully though. my mom is a C so I'll be her size in a couple of years.

    You could gain weight? Boobs are pretty much fat tissue so if you got a little chubby, your boobs would be bigger. Other than that, I don't know :(

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    Guys really don't usually care as much about boob size as most women think.

    You will be preggo eventually, you just don't know it yet.

    Finally, don't gain weight just for your boobs because it will NOT add to your attractiveness. It will make you look uglier.

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    Be happy with what you got, I guess.

    I'm seventeen and a 34 AA.

    When you put weight on the first place it goes to is your chest, so if you gain five pounds they might get bigger.

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    it's not because of your boobs that you've never had a boyfriend. that I can promise you.

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