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fresh water compatible fish?

what are some good fresh water fish

i am getting a group of fish for my fish tank

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    freshwater fish are pretty easy. what u want is called a community tank. most stores have a section for community fish and they are easy to find. first off the rule of thumb is one gallon of water per inch of fish. so you want at least 10 gallons. then you want your tank to be running for a few weeks before you buy. so next some good fish are....

    guppies- great beginner fish and pretty to watch

    platties- hardy fish that wont die on you

    tetras- these are a little sensitive but very popular. (sensitive to water conditions so wait before you buy these).

    certain types of mollies

    do not get goldfish as they get huge,

    try to look at many different kinds. feel free to email me!!

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    There are literally thousands of freshwater fish. I've stuck with freshwater tropicals for over forty years and still haven't kept all the different freshwater fish I want to. Currently I'm very into large predators.(which will slow me down unless I get more tanks, most of them live ten, twenty years or even longer)

    Live bearers, tetras and rasboras are some pretty good starter fish. A lot will depend on how big of a tank you get. The bigger the tank, the wider your options for fish. Always research the fish before you buy it, labels at fish/pet stores are often misleading and the staff under or mis-informed. You might find a good one, they are out there, just not as many as we'd like.

    Hope you enjoy this hobby as much as I have!

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    Tell us about your tank and what sort of fish you like?

    No good me suggesting you get an oscar and a pleco if you have a 10gal tank. Conversely putting a dwarf gourami and 6 neons in a 100gal is going to be a bit under-whelming.


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    a group of juvenile frontosa or severums are quite nice to behold.

    a tank / sand substrate and rock terrain / a little small plants.. ^_^


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