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Why is the world so unfair?

It's insanity really, I mean Bill gates for example he has more money then he knows what to do with, whilst people in africa and third world countries starve and die due to lack of medical attention etc ?, Why Are we so greedy ? I mean your never going to spend the amount of money in your bank account that has so many figures a new word was probably invented just to scale it, are you ? Okay so he earned it. I'll give him, and those kind of people a round of applause for doing that, but why not cap your bank account so it only ever has say 500 million in it, and the rest goes to a charity that aids those in third world countries or we could make it so all food was rationed like we did in the war and put the money towards that system. So that you got the basics with out paying for them, enough to met the G.D.A., that the government go on about so much. And extras or treats (Fast foods, Restaurants Etc.) would not be a part of your ration so if you want that kind of food you have to pay for it, but this way no matter where you are in the world you the get food and drink you need.

Why not 'take over' or instruct the governments that are buying weapons and spending the tax payers money on themselves instead of the the tax payers to, spend it on the tax payers or else they would be arrested or killed or something, quite what im not sure and okay being killed may be extreme but it that's what it takes to make things right and proper the that's what it takes, isn't it ?

The question there is how far should someone go to make things right ?

Why is everything down to money as well ?

Why is it that we are using petrol which is causing the planet so many negative effects ? I mean we all know what it's doing. We all know it's should be stopped.

We have other fuel solutions, like hydrogen fuel cells, available to us. Hydrogen can be created with out using electricity from power stations by covering the fuel stations large roofs with solar panels, it will create a decent amount of electricity with can be used to remove the hydrogen from a near by water source and pressurise it in a fuel tank until the car comes along and buys some hydrogen. Okay it's expensive for every company to do this but if the government make it a law then the companies will be forced to act and besides compared to costing many lives when the ice caps melt flooding several homes and causing so much pollution in our skies we hyperventilate to death it's not exactly costing a lot, really ?

Okay so a lot to digest, i know this might stimulate a very opinionated feedback but im young and i dont want to be one of those adults that just gets on with it and ignores it, i would rather make a lot of people angry and many enemies but do the right thing, kind of like a parent to a child, they tell their child the right way of doing something and the child may not like it but they both know weather the child admits it or not that the parent is right. That last bit, personal experience.

James, All feed back/ opinions is/ are welcome!

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    Aha, it is very clear that you write of concepts greater than your understanding. Let me introduce you to a word, its called Philanthropy. It means to give to charity and to the poor. Bill Gates does a lot of it. You would think a man of such wealth, who's fortune exceeds $50 billion dollars, is obviously not giving enough money to charity right? Well, he did co-found The Giving Pledge agreement, which basically is a commitment made by the richest people in the USA to donate at least 50% of their wealth to charity. How's that for charity work?

    As far as corruption in the government goes, the USA is probably the only country in the world where you see corruption as extreme as it is. When you speak of a government takeover, you dont know what you're talking about. A government take over is what's known as a revolution. Hundreds, maybe even over a thousand revolutions have happened in the history of mankind, many have been successful and lead to a better country, many have been unsuccessful and lead to a far worse and more twisted country.

    Take your country for example. The great, United States of America. Your most recent revolution was very successful. The American Civil War took power away from the slave owners and gave the Liberals power to lead a country unlike no other. However, take a country like Iran. Once a great country that flourished with multiculturalism but the people grew arrogant one day, and stormed the streets in revolution. You know who took over? The monkeys ruling it today, who then declared the country be called "The Islamic Republic of Iran". The people have never been more miserable in the country's history. That is an example of revolution, and it ends like that all too often. So never preach revolution, unless it is a last case scenario, which in the case of the USA, it is not.

    When it comes to these giant oil companies, you first need an understanding of what's known as Capitalism. "An economic system based on private ownership". This basically means that Capitalism is a system where people can freely open their own businesses, earn their own money, without being taxed or following any rules or laws. Obviously there is no such system, since every country has laws and taxes (well, except for anarchy based countries) but some countries are much more capitalistic than others. A country would be more capitalistic than another if it has less rules and laws restricting privately owned businesses.

    Having said that, let's think about the USA. Major oil companies such as BP are privately owned, meaning that there is an owner. And if you're the owner of BP, what would you rather have? An extra 3 billion dollars in profit, or invest that money in creating environmentally safe procedures that will ensure that your oil resourcing causes absolutely no harm to the environment? I think we both know what the owner of BP would rather take. You might think that he's a sick person, who would kill the environment over money when you already have so much? Well here comes your first life lesson kid: EVERYONE IS LOOKING AFTER THEIR OWN POCKET. That's it. If you want to know why, ask the question, Why not?

    Most people won't be able to answer that question, but I can. I want you to look away from this answer for a moment and think, why wouldnt you make more money if you're the owner of BP, considering that nobody is stopping you from making more money and that the environment is not an issue (because to the owner of BP, he clearly doesnt care). Go. Turn around and think for a moment. When you're done look back and read the next paragraph.

    Tough isnt it? Well the answer is that Respect is the ultimate currency, not money. The problem is, major corporation founders dont understand this. They want to maximize profit no matter what the cost. And the US government is partly responsible, because the USA is now one of the most capitalistic countries in the world.

    As for your other fuel solutions, they arent as profitable as petroleum, thats why nobody does it. And in theory, yes Congress could pass a law like that. In reality, Congress will never pass a law that goes against corporations because all politicians in the USA are bought out by corporate interest. What does that mean? It means that Lobbyists pay politicians to vote in the favor of big corporations and against what's best for the country.

    This is why the American political system is so corrupt and why nothing productive ever gets done.

    Anyways, I hope you learned a lot in this answer, and I'm pretty encouraged by your question. We need more kids like you exploring the world of politics from a "what's good for the world" stand point. I hope you keep trying to learn.

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    The only reason the world is the way it is is , is because thats the only way it can be . Humans are very complicated organisms which leads to complicated societies and more complex systems. If the world wasn't unfair it wouldn't be this advanced ( in relation to what we call advanced ) . Money has changed the way the society works. Current gen feels that its wrong cos they don't fully understand the past or aren't aware of the evolution of human existence. People living in developed countries can say thats its wrong and we should help others while the ones in poor countries say blame the god or government. its crazy how much we know about the world and how less we understand it.

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    In fairness with Bill Gates, I believe the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the highly funded and one of the biggest foundation in this modern world...It is not Bill Gates greediness to get rich and better off a trillion times than the people of Africa, It was his prize for hard and smart work done well...in partnership of course of blessings and luck.....be in the right place as well......

    the world is not after all the ideal world, its a world of reality that everyone were not born and brought up in one place.....there are those who are blessed to grew up in a greener pasture and those who dont, there are those who were able to cultivate a ghost farm into a productive one, there are those who reared their inheritance a billion times, there are those who wasted the wealth they received, there are those kept it greedily..... We are all unique, no two creatures are the same, everyone every creature differ from one another and that is why the world is unfair, there are those who are entrepreneur minded, those who are willing to do and go further, there are those who just want to wait and wonder the foreverly about the mystery of this world.

    The government of first world countries I believe had good welfare system and spend money accordingly, there are those countries lead by corrupt politician who had forgotten the scope of their position. At the end of the day, the world is unfair because each countries in this world are lead differently by unique individuals.

    The world will remain an unfair world until the day when the world will be govern by one man--a man who believes in communism........:)

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    What makes the world so unfair the way it is, is the selfishness that every single human being cultivates inside himself. If we were so selfish, I think the world would be a lot better.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Ok, a little too long winded and honestly I did not read it all, but just real quick and simple, if I earn a hundred dollars why do you feel anyone else deserves that money more than me?

    The ambitious, the ones with initiative, the ones with the intelligence, will prevail and make the money, that is in no way unfair or unjust, what is unfair/unjust is taking the money they EARNED, because YOU think they have too much and giving it to some one who did not earn it.

    Think about it, you earn a hundred bucks and you have to give 50 to the bum down the street, wouldn't that piss you off? Regardless if it is a hundred or a hundred million those that earned it deserve it.

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    The world is unfair because we have crooked politicians like obama that think the tax payers money belongs to them. Someday we may have a politician that works for the people and not for himself.

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    What's insane is thinking that by giving money to the government will solve anything. The more power the government has, the more it will abuse. Bill Gates started with nothing, he created high paying jobs for tens of thousands of people, who in turn paid billions of dollars in taxes. Quite frankly, Bill Gates aint the problem, its all of the people that think they are entitled to someone elses success. During the health care fiasco, Pelosi kept saying ramming through this healthcare plan was morally right, and it was the government's right to do so. Didnt see anything about "confiscation" in the ten commandments, but it does say not to steal, and not to covet, thus its ok to have possessions, and someone else doesnt have the right to take them. I'm not talking about someone who has achieved their success illegally, but if they have honestly earned it, they are "entitled to it".

    Last point, if you took all of Gate's money, do you really think you would benefit from it. Some politician would take all the credit as he was steering it to his cronies. Be responsible and take care of yourself, and quit blaming everything on everybody else.

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    It will take God to straighten out the mess we are in. Those solar panels do not work well, the solar water heaters do not work well, even solar lights do not work well. People are making a lot of money off oil, and that is why we keep it, even though it is costing a lot of loss to people, as well as a lot of wildlife and food. We should have windmills for power, too. It costs a lot to make all these changes, and most people do not have the money to do it, and the government is not helping anything. Don't flip out. Maybe you can be President one day and change all these things. Good luck to you, really.

  • Megan
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    4 years ago

    I don't know why either! It pisses me off! How can the world be so easily unfair than fair? It's bull.

  • 4 years ago

    it is so unfair because some people are always getting second chances while others are not

    • Noel4 years agoReport

      People make they chances not the government. But a liberal can't understand that they need the government to change their diaper.

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