Derek Jeter & Leonardo DiCaprio?

Okay, so today was the first day of school and we were assigned a hero essay. i have others in mind, but i really want to choose either Derek or Leo. What would reasons be for each of them being heroes? I need to write a 5 paragraph essay so i'm gonna need more than one example. Please no "no one can tell you, only you would know". thanks :)

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    Leonardo DiCaprio does a lot for the Earth. Here's his bio etc.

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    Derek Jeter is a philanthropist

    Jeter joking with other players during Spring Training.

    Jeter began the Turn 2 Foundation, a charity organization, in 1996. The Foundation was established to help children and teenagers avoid drug and alcohol addiction, and to reward those who show high academic achievement. The organization's name derives from the baseball double play (where "turning two" refers to making two outs on one play) and indicates the goal of the Foundation to give youths a place to "turn to" instead of drugs and alcohol.[86]

    During the 2009 season, Jeter and Mets star David Wright represented their foundations in a competition sponsored by Delta Air Lines; the player with the highest batting average received $100,000 for their foundation from Delta, while the runner-up's foundation received $50,000.[87] Wright's group, the David Wright Foundation, focuses on multiple sclerosis.[88]

    Jeter is also involved in Weplay, a website designed to encourage children to get involved in sports.[89]


  • Gosh I love Leo! <3 he will always be my celeb crush(:

    I think you should do him, not just cus i like him but because he does so much for the enviorment.

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