Why asian girls care about the theme of their clothing that much?

no racist answer pl. my gf. is asian and she is special than any other girls I been dated, I mean she seems to care of how she looks very much. she never wear a t-shirt or jeans like the other girls, she has her own clothing style and her favorit boutiques she visits every months, and it seems she will never adapt to wear normal cloth like other girls - I find each of her dress are so expensive, I can buy a mobile phone or some IT stuffs for that amount of money. there are 3 styles she like to wear - one is from the brands british India or the west Indies, the cloths are handmade, and the fabrics are imported from india, they look like the cloth white women worn in 18 century when they visited asia countries. the other one I couldn't remember the brand, but all cloths from this boutique seem to look like semi-Gothic, but look preppy in the same time - the other style my gf. wears frequently is vintage, a flower print dress with a lot of lace goes along with a flat ballerina shoes or a blow fish shoes. I don't mind if she want to wear those stuffs, but they are too expensive and the most important she uses my money or her parents money to buy them. she also like to buy an expensive makeup too and she always get angry and says thing about race up, to make me sad when I denied to give her money. however, I always tell her she looks pretty and its not necessary to wear those expensive cloth, or have to go to salon and curl her hair to look like a princess all the times, but my girlfriend doesn't listen to me she insists she want to look like to way she make up herself.

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    Sounds like your girl friend is into the lolita fashion.

    Learn more here:


    It can be rather expensive. I know because I own a few lolita dress's myself. The idea is more or less to look like a porcelain doll. Perfect and Cute.

    What you can do is try to encourage her to make her own clothes and accessories. Perhaps get her a few of the Gothic Lolita Bible Magazines, they have dress patterns and how to's in them. It's a great way to cut down on costs and still have the clothes.


    Next is she should really learn how to do her own hair, that will cut down on the cost as well.

    Here is aare some helpful youtube videos for lolita hair tutorials


    Youtube thumbnail



    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    Just learning to do some of these things on your own can cut down on costs like you wouldn't believe.

    But you were wrong to let her use your money to buy those clothes. Maybe for Christmas or a birthday presant let her pick out something on a budget she would like. But for Christs sake man! Never give a woman your wallet. :P

    Hope this helped. Good luck.

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    Trying to fit in with pretty white girls.

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