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What fish are compatible with goldfish?

Are cory catfish compatible with goldfish.

If not what is?


Thanks for answring guys since cories are not what is the smallest type of fancy goldfish? and how big does it get.

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    The smallest types of fancies are bubble-eyes, celestial eyes, Ryukins, and fantails, though there is a lot of variation in goldfish size so it can be hard to tell how big yours will end up. The average sizes of those are 4-6 inches though, so you should be safe with two in a 30 gallon.

    As for tank mates, I've heard of people keeping rosy red and white cloud minnows with the goldfish when they're younger, but the problem is that they'll eat them when they're large enough. I would suggest some dojo loaches if you really want a tank mate for them. Dojo loaches also like temperate water and many people choose them for fancy goldfish tanks.

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  • 4 years ago

    Hi Winnie, Although you have a new tank I'm afraid it's too small for the two Goldfish you already have, a 20 gallon would be better. I would suggest at least a 40 gallon tank with powerful filtration for four Goldfish & even then it would probably need upgrading sooner or later. On the compatibility side there are not many fish that will happily coexist with Goldfish except Weather Loaches as several people have already mentioned. Even mixing fancy (fat-bodied) & non fancy (streamlined) Goldies in the same tank is not recommended as the streamlined fish will almost invariably beat the others to the food.

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  • 10 years ago

    Honestly, the best friends of Goldfish are other Goldfish.

    They are Coldwater fish and may seem "friendly", but are usually quite bullying towards other fish especially if they are smaller or can't swim as fast.

    There is also another guideline most people use with Goldies is the Fancy Goldfish (round body shape) are not compatible living with Comets, Commons, Shubunkins (torpedo shaped bodies) that usually live in ponds because they can grow to a foot or more.

    If you are looking for Goldfish for a nice sized fish tank (55 gallons or something like that) then you can add 5-6 Fantail types like Orandas, Black Moors, Ranchus, Lionheads etc. You can even just have Orandas because they come in pretty and differentiated colors. It's your choice. The general rule of tank size for these types of fish are 20 gallons for the initial Goldfish and 10 gallons for every additional fish with double filtration. If you have a heavily planted tank, you may get by with a standard sized filter for the particular tank.

    If you are looking for keeping Torpedo shaped Goldfish in a tank, then you will need a much larger tank and definitely have double filtration. These are genuinely best in large ponds.

    Here are some links to check out and good luck!

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  • Gary C
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    10 years ago

    Cories, no. They need warmer water than is good for goldfish, and will have problems with the high levels of ammonia the goldfish create.

    The best tankmates for goldfish are other goldfish.

    The smallest fancy goldfish reach about 10-12 inches in length and need at least a 30-gallon tank for 1 or 2 fish. These might include the bubble-eyes, celestials, shubunkins, and orandas.

    Common goldfish, comets, and the larger fancy goldfish will grow to be at least a foot long, with some of them reaching almost 2 feet. You would need at least a 50-gallon tank for even one of these.

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  • Ganal
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    10 years ago

    No, corys are not compatible with goldfish. The only fish that can go with goldfish is other goldfish but you have to have room for more.

    Source(s): I have a 2000 gallon pond with 15 goldfish Research
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  • 10 years ago

    No, cories are not.

    Goldfish live in colder water than tropical fish, so you can't get any tropical fish for your tank (that includes cory catfish).

    I personally can't think of any common fish that would be able to stay with goldfish.

    There are, however, several types of goldfish that you could get for your tank.

    ADD: After doing a quick search, other fish that can live in colder waters are some barbs (gold, green, rosy, and two spot), bloodfin tetras, buenos aires tetras, croaking tetras, guppies (not too sure about this one, they are still considered tropical fish), hillstream loaches, pearl danios, weather loaches, and zebra danios.

    ADD2: here is a website that lists all the breeds of fancy goldfish. http://www.bristol-aquarists.org.uk/goldfish/goldf...

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  • 10 years ago

    corydoras not compatible

    the only fish compatible with goldfish is koi. but if you dont have a pond you can put shubunkin they preety much shaped like koi but dont grow as big.

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