Is Bali (Indonesia) a good destination to visit in feb?

I am planning my honeymoon in mid FEB. Is it good time to visit Bali? Or is it quite rainy there at that time?

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    That's one of the good things about Bali. the weather is fine almost all the time and Feb is one of the months that have some precipitation but generally just in the afternoon. There are so many great places to stay that you will probably become a bit confused. I would recommend against staying in one hotel for your entire stay. You have so many choices that to be locked into a beach hotel or something similar would be a shame.

    Consider the Gili Islands if you really want to get away from it all.

    Ubud for Culture and art and great shopping.

    Kuta Legian for one of the ultimate tourist traps. (its a good one if you like that kind of thing.)

    But thats the point. Don't lock yourself into one place. The next day you will turn a corner and find the coolest little boutique hotel on some tiny back road. with views of the rice fields on one side and the oceans and islands off shore on the other.

    Ubud is quite famous for its Honeymoon appeal and there are all sorts of great places to stay. From the 4 Seasons and Amandari to quaint little B&B"s. loads of budget places and beauty around virtually every corner.

    There is a little tucked away hotel that I recommend. Its called the Sayan Terrace and its located directly between the 4 Seasons and the Amandari. It's about 1/3 of the price and absolutely idyllic.

    Check out their web site below.

    The Gilis are cool because you have great choices again.

    Gili T is kind of a party island with lots of night action and dive shops. good restaurants and amazing beachs.

    Gili A is a toned down version of T but much more kicked back.

    And Gili Meno is just plain secluded. less than 300 people on the island and some of the best beachs in the world. The Gilis routinely make the Best Beachs lists and deserve the good comments.

    So there you go. Don't worry about the weather at all. You will have the time of your life.

    oh, I just remembered. If you really want to impress your spouse. There is a Bali VIP service at the airport for $40 per person. The company allows you to bypass the long lines for Visa on Arrival and whisks you throught the airport in record time with a personal guide, flowers, and directly into your awaiting transportation. A cool way to make your arrival and stay feel very special.

    I do this occasionally just because I can and it does cut your airport time by at least and hour and sometimes much more. And personally. My time is worth much more that $40 bucks and hour. lol

    I have been going to Bali for more than 30 years. Its fresh and wonderful every time.

    If you need or want any more info feel free to emial me.

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    I always found bali more relaxing then other parts of indonesia, been 12 times in indonesia already and saw all mayor islands. Balinese people are very friendly as long as u respect their way of life, not disturbing their daily religious rituals and so. If there is any trouble in any tourist area is mostely done by tourist them selfs as many nationalities visit bali during the year. The last few years where kinda hard for balinese people as tourists stayed away and economics gotten pretty hard but i noticed still they stayed friendly and helpfull when u asked something or just made small talk. Small crime. pickpocketing and stuff u find every where in the world so not let u keep that away from one of the most gorgeous places. Enjoy ur stay and travel around u will love it

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    Weather In Bali February

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    Good time. It can rain but you will still have good weather too.

    I have been to Bali twice to scuba dive in Tulamben which is up north. Then we go into Ubud.

    I have a wonderful place to stay. Perfect for honeymooners.

    Taman Rahasia, a Secret Garden in Bali.

    It is affordable yet absolutely beautiful.

    Have fun.

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    The precipitation of Febuary is still quite high. I would suggest around March and April, but avoid Nyepi Holiday. Since Balinese are celebrating it by not doing any activity (Nyepi mean quiet; it's almost like celebrating earth hour but this is like the whole 24 hours)

    But if you don't mind a little rain; and good value for your $$$ then Febuary can be pleasant.

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    I think as long as it is not holiday season, which I think Feb is not, it should be fine to visit Bali; not to crowded but still lively all year round. I hope you will enjoy your trip. ^^

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    Yeah, no significant national holiday, so it won't be too crowdy when you visit places, perfect for someone in honeymoon, i think, :p.

    And unless the weather is being annoying, there shouldn't be much rain, or none at all even.

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    Yes! My husband is from Kuta. If you need a advice on hotels or tours. Let me know!

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    Good, it will not rain, the cost is ok

    You can take a next trip to Đà Nẳng - VN resort , also a new paradise

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