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Corey Pavin picked Tiger Woods with a captain's pick for the Ryder Cup. Good or bad decision?

Will Tiger positively or negatively impact the Ryder Cup team?

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    Having Tiger on the team will negatively impact it, as far as winning chances are concerned. However, having Tiger in the Ryder cup will probably double TV ratings. Don't think Pavin wasn't reminded that the sponsers would *really* like to see Tiger in the Ryder cup.

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    It's a good decision. Let's look at the players that qualified for the team. Bubba Watson, 1st Ryder Cup. Dustin Johnson, 1st Ryder Cup. Jeff Overton, 1st Ryder Cup. I'll stop their; not a lot of Ryder Cup experience. 3 of his picks have a great deal of experience. As you know, the Ryder Cup is in Wales so having a bunch of rookies going to play overseas wouldn't be a great idea. Plus how often has there been a number one player in the world who has kept his ranking as long as Tiger Woods? His played one complete season in the last 3 and still is ranked #1. That's what I call an easy decision.

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    Zach Johnson (even keeled and laser-like accuracy); JB Holmes (experience and massive distance); Rickie Fowler (youthful fearlessness- like Anthony Kim in '08); Ben Crane (experience and "Cool Hand Luke-ishness). Anthony Kim would've been a choice, but coming off his injury, I don't know if he'd be able to really go. Tiger Woods should NOT be on the team- he hasn't played exceptionally well- one round at the Deutsche Bank does not a season make (not only that, how many Ryder Cups has the US won with him on the squad?). Unfortunately, I think Pavin is going to pick Woods purely for economical reasons. It just seems that getting fair-weathered fans to care about the RC and putting millions of dollars in the PGA's coffer is more important than winning and integrity.

  • While Woods has a very good record in singles play, his foursomes/fourballs record is horrible (where 16 of the 28 matches will be contested). Plus, Woods has been a part of one winning side (1999 Brookline), and five losing sides.

    Woods was always going to be on the team; Pavin didn't have the marbles to leave him out.

    Woods has never been a great wind player...if it's windy in Wales...not good. Where Woods excels is in hot conditions where his conditioning and fitness give him a big advantage.

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  • Zinger
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    Well, Tiger has a losing record in the Ryder Cup. With his inconsistent play I don't think it will get any better. Now, television is the big winner here. For the team Tiger is a negative but for the ratings he is a positive.

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    If anyone thinks the European players will be intimidated by Tiger Woods they are sadly mistaken.

    Having said that, and in spite of Tigers pretty average record in Ryder Cup events and in recent months, he is just as likely to really turn it on. There are probably very few other players who have gone through a spell of poor form that you could say that about.

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    Tiger stepped up this week and Pavin saw it an rewarded him thusly. I don't blame him and Corey Pavin will be a BAMF if Tiger goes beast mode at the Ryder Cup.

  • x-15a2
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    Horrible decision. He's not playing well and has never been a good team player. Cory was really between a rock and a hard place on this one, pretty much had to pick the #1 ranked player in the world, even if his game is horrible right now.

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    I say in the Middle,

    Pavin saw Wood improve a lot,

  • 9 years ago is my understanding that very few of the golfers want to be around him any more. He put a severe blemish on players and the image practiced by most. Having him on the team will be bad for the team.

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