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Info about online schooling? (UK)?

Ive been researching about online home-schooling (because my parents both work) My mum is considering it if i can find the correct sites and information. but all the sites are american. Is online schooling even done in uk? if you know anything about it/sites ill be very appreciative :)) anything at all will be very helpful :)

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    The British online schools are, in no particular order,

    Inter High @

    First College @

    The British e-school @

    North Star @ .

    All go as far as year 11, Inter High and North Star both go right through to A Levels and the British e-school is planning to start Pre-Us (Upper 6th exams similar to A Levels).

    They're all private schools, think school fees of around £2,000 a year. North Star is a Christian school. If your mum baulks at the idea of paying school fees you might try pointing out that she'd no longer have to buy your school uniforms or pay for your lunches or bus fare so online school may not cost her that much more than the money she's already paying out on the hidden costs of sending you to a state school!

    The only online school that doesn't charge school fees is 'Not School' (it's run by the Inclusion Trust and your fees would be paid for you by your local authority) but as Firebird pointed out the school is only open to kids who, for one reason or another, are no longer able to go to a 'normal' school .

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    To be honest it's not a big thing over here. If you want to take GCSEs there are some companies that do them online, but on the whole the parents who want their children to follow a school at home model either teach them themselves or hire in tutors. If you have a specific reason for not going to school, e.g. medical problems, bullying, you really hate it ;-) your school/LA might be able to sign you up with NotSchool

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    Source(s): google - pages from the uk :)
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