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Why do republicans want to protect wealthiest 2 per cent of households when there is such a large deficit ?


Let the corrupted bush Tax cuts end

Why do people vote for less jobs for middle class , more poor quality services for the middle class just because the person is a so called Christian ?

Update 2:

I wish we could turn the clock back to 1960s....

All these foreign wars ...hate coming from all over the world.....Corporate America has already spent 1 billion dollars on this Election

Recession ? not for Wall Street or Defence Contractors only for Main Street

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  • Noah H
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    Back during the Eisenhower/Nixon/Ford era the Republican party was a more or less moderate organization that while it 'favored' business it wasn't particularly anti-labor. Toward the end of the Ford administration US corporations were gearing up to become trans national corporations. To move this along with as little political push back as possible the movers and shakers of the business world through the power of big money managed to get Ronald Reagan elected and began to move forward with their union busting agenda. To recruit new voters the party began to court the then emerging 'Jesus freak' right with it's 'family values' opposition to gays, abortion, affirmative action, and women's rights. The Reagan administration canceled the long standing 'Fairness Doctrine' and made it legally possible for huge numbers of radio broadcast stations to be consolidated under a few corporations that were managed by and for right wing causes. Soon we had right wing radio characters on the air 24/7 kvetching about 'the 'liberals'...a made up strawman 'inside enemy' that wanted to take your guns, make environmentalism a religion, give up national sovereignty to the UN, install 'socialism', make being gay attractive and raise your taxes. Later FOX got into the act creating a massive and effective Ministry of Propaganda for the right wing of the GOP, soon the only wing that the party 'Eisenhower' republicans allowed. Currently an even more right wing group, the 'teabaggers' are staging a coup d' etat within the GOP that contains all of the elements of Mussulini's and Franco's fascisti 'corporationism', that is a government dedicated to 'law and order' that protects corporate interest while cracking down on labor's demands, and elevating a government protected religion that in turn supports the goverrnment. In this next election cycle there's a 50/50 chance that this far right 'Teapublican' organization will take at least partial control of 'our' government, at least to the point of preventing and forward movement that might benefit the 95% of us that work, or used to work for wages before the corporations moved offshore. 'Protecting' the very wealthy is just a part of this game plan...a game plan that seems to be working in their favor. Look forward to a massive 'security state' and a general population of poor individuals and a much smaller population of wealthy aristocrats that will own 99% of everything worth owning. Bummer for us, eh?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The actually wish to protect all of us against the out of control government which steals as much of our money as they can get their hands on. Those 2 percent are already paying way to much. It's time to cut the damn spending.

  • Mary
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    1 decade ago

    Because they are part of the 2%

  • 1 decade ago

    Democrats think the glass is half full

    Republicans think the glass is theirs.

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