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wells fargo................................?

how are the wells fargo group interview like?

tips, and support please thanks

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    A group interview is usually with other candidates. Generally, they want to see how you interact with other people. They may assign the group a task and have the group present to the interviewers. When this happens, be sure to be a major contributor and add ideas. You need not be the leader, but you must be able to contribute something of substance. For example, you may be asked to improve the current check processing method. Also, be professional. An observer may be watching everyone's interaction. In another method, they may have you and others go into a room and an interviewer may ask all of you the same questions...or assign you a test such as basic math. Another form of interview that may be called a "group" interview is really a panel interview. You are the only one interviewed and there are multiple interviewers...they may ask you multiple questions in succession. This is trying to test how you deal with pressure. As for preparation, be sure to know the responsibilities of the position. Make sure you can count money well. Also, be sure to be positive and have show professional customer service. I hope this helps. Best of luck,

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