The Surah of the Sword?

Now I'm pretty accepting of peaceful Muslims, but you have to admit that the last Surah in the Qur'an was the Surah of the Sword, and that at the very least, the wording of it would suggest that Muslims spread their Religion through violence.

Even if you do not interpret it that way, you have to admit that it could be interpreted that way.

Why would Allah preach in a fashion that allows for spread of your religion through violence if he did not want it to happen? Surely in his omnipotence and omniscience he knows that this WOULD lead to violence.

Why would he say it?


By last I meant chronologically, which of course means that is has not been overwritten.

Update 2:

err, that it* has not been

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    The bible shows us that there is a time for wars among nations. The Joshua Promised Land Canaan resettling at Prophecy boundaries with the Blessings and the Curses is an example.

    'Cursed Be Canaan' was Noah, I have chosen you as an example among nations; not because of your righteousness is written; and then He Blessed them to overcome it which is as at the tree in the Garden with Adam. This was The Work that He did with the Judean peoples, during that time and season. The law of the curse is abolished is Paul; through the fulfillment of the Prophecy in the Redemption of The Resurrection overcoming.

    Edom (red) I have 'loved less' and the children of Gomer (magog's relative) were 'unloved' and worth less Egypt is written for I AM against you gog which is the false prophet nephilim that was to come along with 10 worldwide rulers (possibly nephilim) and rule all nations for 1335 days this is the pre Millennial time period length of the convergence of the beast from the sea and the beast from the earth false prophet in worldwide leadership and commerce warfare implementing the mark of the number of the name of the false prophet; 'do nothing' Egypt regarding major worldwide empires that consider themselves better than others and Lord it over others.

    So, then, if you have the money to buy a sword you should buy it for faith is the realization of what was believed and being of confident of what one does not yet perceive in full coming to pass as the substance in the completion as the Resurrection for was not the Sword of The Spirit of God what Jesus Messiah was speaking regarding in The Kingdom of God and the Pentecost?

    The ears that hear Jesus are Blessed and his ear was placed back on his head for the weapons that one uses for spiritual warfare vyings are not of this sort for they have power to pull down strongholds and curses. The purchase of the sword was fulfilled for Peter in Pentecost in accordance with The Acts of Apostles of God.

    666 X 3 = 1998 + 14 years Jacob and laban + 2 years for Joshua and Caleb training etc. (42 - 40 years) + 7 years (14 + 7 to make 21 total by addition) = 2021...

    2021 - 7 years of the times of the fulfilment of the gentile nations and the appearance and rulership of the false prophet gog beast from the earth pseudoApostle.

  • Well, you are wrong, the last su'rah is named, "The Mankind" and not the sword...

    There is no su'rah in the Koran with that name!~!

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    All religion is man made rubbish.

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