how to install subs and amp?

i have a 94 geo prizm and i just got a kenwood kdc mp232 headunit/deck i dont know if all this matters but im gonna get 2X12" kenwood subs that are 1000Watts each and i need to get an idea on a good amp to get, keep the price cheap and stay around 1000 Watts for the amp. i also need to know what i NEED to get to install everything and how to do it. idk what wires to get and how to do everything PLEASE HELP :/

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    I'd need more info to help you fully, but I'll give it a shot. Find the voice coil and ohm ratings for your subs and then go to this link: This will help you match the subs with an amp that will work fine with the system.

    As far as other things needed, you'll need to buy a complete amplifier installation kit (should include rca cables, power and ground wires, turn-on lead wire, fuse holder, fuse, etc.) If you need further help just e-mail me!

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    Hifonics and MB Quart are decent for the price you pay, but I used Hifonics before they power good but compare to Kicker, MTX, orion, and some other brand rated by CEA is not nearly as decent, but for what you pay is decent.

    If your running 1000 watts RMS go with 4 awg wire

    if your running 1000 watts peak power do with 6 awg to 8 awg wire

    My favorite brand wiring kits


    JL audio

    Monster cable

    Rockford Fosgate


    street wire

    also you can always call the crutchfield or sonicelectronix for the information which you going to need. after you get everything than go to bestbuy for the instillation, they dose a clean instill. I do my own instillation most the time, I learned for a friend who worked for bestbuy for 2 years.

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    amp kit, or similar one

    an amp, idk what kind you want look for it looks like you want 1000 watts peak? and probably 500 watts rms

    1. run the power wire from the positive battery terminal and run it to the power terminal on the amp

    2. run the remote turn on from the radio to the amp.

    3. run the ground from the amp to a solid piece of sanded metal, sand it or it wont work right

    4. run your rca cables to the amp

    5. connect the speaker wires -> heres some diagrams

    just select the appropriate sub amp ohm combination and wire it how it shows

    hopefully this helps

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