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Middle name for Alice?

I'm usually into more modern and unique or unusual names (but not to weird!). But I think for Alice, since it's such an old and classic name, it needs a middle name that isn't modern. Right?

I also think that a rather long middle name would work best. 2, maybe 3 syllables. Not 2 middle names though, I don't like that...

I think Penelope sounds good, but I'm not so sure,so I want to see

other options.

Ps : the longer list, plus an answer to the BQ, wins best answer!

BQ : What do you think of the name Rosalie? I heard it today and like it alot... Middle name sggestions? It foesnlt hae to be as long as the first one. It's not as important.

Thanks bunches!!



Twilight? I did hear these names from my 12 year old niece... Lol. But I haven't seen or read them.

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    Alice is absolutely stunning, it's on my own list, but it's used as a middle name for me.


    Alice Ruby [ LOVE this! ]

    Alice Delilah

    Alice Caroline

    Alice Katharine

    Alice Ivy

    Alice Camilla

    Alice Matilda

    Alice Violet

    Alice Lily

    Alice Juliet

    Alice Charlotte

    Alice [H]Elena [Helena OR Elena - pronounced differently. Eh-LAY-Nuh & Hell-en-Uh]

    Alice Madeleine

    Alice Rosalie

    Alice Evangeline

    Alice Emmeline

    Alice Vivienne

    Alice Genevieve

    Alice Cecelia

    Alice Imogen



    LOVE Rosalie :]

    It's my number two name as to honor my grandmother as well as my boyfriend's grandmother, they both have the middle name Rose. So instead of using just plain Rose, we came up with a twist and decided on Rosalie.

    I think it's absolutely beautiful and stunning. Her nickname can be Rose, Rosie, Allie, Lee .. there are so many ways of LEGITIMATELY spelling it.

    These are all legitimate spellings : Rosalie, Rosaleigh & Rosalee.

    I have two middle names to honor the tradition in my boyfriend's family ..


    Rosalie Gemma

    Rosalie Eve

    Rosalie Kate

    Rosalie Sophia

    Rosalie Noelle

    Rosalie Elena

    Rosalie Caroline

    Rosalie Charlotte


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    Alice Aileen

    Alice Margaret

    Alice Elizabeth

    Alice Leslie

    Alice Jane

    Alice Josephine

    Alice Eleanor

    Alice Theresa

    Alice Miriam

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    Charlotte Alice. Isabelle Alice. Sophia Alice. Molly Alice. Caitlin Alice. Freya Alice. Jasmine Alice. Violet Alice. Juliet Alice. Matilda Alice. Madeleine Alice. Clara Alice. Ruby Alice. Scarlett Alice. Sienna Alice. Annabel Alice. Elena Alice. Emily Alice. Callie Alice. Liliana Alice. Isla Alice. Piper Alice. Autumn Alice. Grace Alice. Bethany Alice. Ivy Alice. Gabriella Alice. Genevieve Alice. Evelyn Alice. Amber Alice. Eloise Alice. Natalie Alice. Rose Alice. Tatiana Alice. Lila Alice. :]

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    Alice is a really beautiful old-fashioned name.


    - Alice Willow

    - Alice Tiera

    - Alice Vivien

    - Alice Helena (pronounced Hell-ee-na)

    - Alice Jasmine

    - Alice Leia

    - Alice Delora

    - Alice Harper

    - Alice Meiratrix

    I like the name Rosalie (and unlike all these people say, I'm not a twilight fan)

    - Rosalie Willow

    - Rosalie June

    - Rosalie Arabelle

    - Rosalie Ember

    - Rosalie Amethyst

    - Rosalie Constantine

    - Rosalie Valentina

    - Rosalie Clementine

    - Rosalie Jayde

    - Rosalie Ava

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    Alice Spencer

    Alice Jade

    Alice Rae

    Alice Jacqueline

    Alice Annalia

    Alice AnnaMarie

    Alice Alexandra

    And the ones my boyfriend says

    Alice Mahogany

    Alice Carrisa

    hope these help

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    arent both those names from a sparkley vampire series

    i like...

    Alice Faith

    Alice Rose

    Alice Grace

    Alice Daphne

    Alice Edith

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    i like penelope

    Rosalie is cute too, but i think of twilight... maybe Rosemary/Rosemarie, Rosalyn??





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    How about Trolly? It's my cat's name!

    Source(s): Your average trolling grandpa.
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    damn twilight series...

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