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whats that movie with the huge moth/butterfly-like creature?

I once remember watching this weird movie about soldiers going to a remote deserted town to go and kill this giant moth-like creature in a dark house it kept attacking them and eating some of them and there was this scientist in a high-tech van trying to figure out what to do and there was this scary voice talking to him in the van I think it was the creature I can't remember the title though...help?

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    Bits of it sound like this film:

    Phantoms (1998)

    aka Dean Koontz's Phantoms

    starring Joanna Going, Rose McGowan, Peter O'Toole, Ben Affleck, Liv Schreiber

    IMDb review:

    Two sisters travel to a small Colorado town, where they find that the inhabitants are either dead or missing. Eerie, frightening situations include body parts, power failures, strange voices on the telephone, a pile of discarded jewelry and other items, and mysterious writing inside a windowless room locked from the inside referring to `Timothy Flyte - the ancient warrior'. When they are joined by a group of local law officers the same mysterious force begins to target them. Meanwhile, the military prepare to enter the town, along with historian Timothy Flyte, whose links to the happenings may be stronger than he wants.

    Here are the movie trailer and Part 1 of the movie:


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail


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    The one I'm thinking of is Mothra. There are a couple of sequels and even Mothra vs. Godzilla. Is that right?

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