Questions about building carport?

I am planning to build a carport for my yard and I have few questions..

First question I have.. How wide can I make it? (if using 2 series of beams, 1 on left and 1 on right edge)?

The reason I am asking this... I am plan to place it near my house. One end of carport can be attached to the roof of the house (the top beam before the roof) and other end (other series of beams) I plan to place on other end. But... from the end of the house to about 18 foot from it, it is covered with concrete. Can I make this opening 18 foot apart? Or would I need to attach those beams on the end into concrete?

Another question: Ways to attach the beam..

I know I can dig a hole, and install beam with concrete there.

But.. what if I will need to do it on concrete? Making a hole though it probably would be a lot of work, plus i am not sure what I can use for this?

I know I can use those metal brackets things.. but this brings to the third problem...

About level: That concrete surface is not exactly leveled there... So if I will use those metal brackets.. how can I make beam stand up straight? How can I solve this?

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  • 9 years ago
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    where do i start, first you need to draw out a diagram of your measurements and take it to a lumber yard that has someone that can calculate the load bearing of how much weight your beams with have to carry, if you dont do this, it can colapse, second, if your concrete pad is only 4 to 6 inches thick it will just break off, you will need to dig a hole approx 12 - 15 " in diameter and at least 42 inches down to get below the frost line. while you pour the concrete, put an anchor bolt in the concrete and have it stick up about 3/4 of an inch, then use an adjusable post bracket, that way you can move the post a little bit if you have to before you tighten it down.and you can span 18 foot but you will need a specific sized trusses for it. you also need to make sure that where you attach it to the house that it can handle the extra load. you will probably have to cut the roof back a couple feet to set the trusses on the wall

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