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How do you do the "gritty" effect on gimp like on picnik?

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  • B K
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    9 years ago
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    You can get a very similar effect in GIMP quite easily.

    Open your image first, then right click the background layer in the layers palette and choose duplicate layer.

    Now click TOOLS > GEGL OPERATION > choose the C2G operation - leave the settings at the default, click OK - this will make the layer black and white.

    In the layers palette set the layer mode to Overlay.

    Click on the coloured background layer to select it, then click COLORS > HUE-SATURATION and pull back the saturation slider to about -60, click OK.

    If the effect is too harsh, you can limit it's strength by selecting the black and white layer, and reducing the layer opacity with the slider.

    Note: The GEGL C2G operation can take some time to show the preview especially if it's a large image, so be patient.

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    Gritty Photo Effect

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