How can I sample my voice and create a Voice Bank?

I've recently found out about the UTAU software and am determined to create my own UTAUloid. I don't want to make some little half-baked one, I want to sample my own voice to create a voice bank and continue from there.

However, I'm not really good at figuring stuff like this out for myself so I need to know how to sample my voice into .wav files and create an UTAU voice bank. Anyone care to help me out with some info?

Update: link to UTAU page, Japanese page.

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    First, record all the sounds in a list. Make sure that they are wav files. ((And make sure that you are pronouncing your Japanese right! Link to pronounciation help:

    (record a 2 second long sample in an even tone for these phonemes:)

    a i u e o

    ka ki ku ke ko

    sa shi su se so

    ta chi tsu te to

    na ni nu ne no

    ha hi fu he ho hu

    ma mi mu me mo

    ya yu yo

    ra ri ru re ro

    wa (pronounced like "ua") wo (pronounced like "o")


    ga gi gu ge go

    za ji zu ze zo

    da de do

    ba bi bu be bo

    pa pi pu pe po

    kya kyu kyo

    sha shu sho

    cha chu cho

    nya nyu nyo

    hya hyu hyo

    mya myu myo

    rya ryu ryo

    gya gyu gyo

    ja ju jo

    bya byu byo

    pya pyu pyo

    ye kye she che nye mye rye

    gye jye bye pye

    wa2 wi wu we wo2 (←pronounce the w for these)

    kwa kwi kwe kwo

    swa si swe swo

    tsa tsi tse tso

    nwa nwi nwe nwo

    fa fi fe fo

    mwa mwi mwu mwo

    rwa rwi rwe rwo

    gwa gwi gwe gwo

    zwa zi zwe zwo

    bwa bwi bwe bwo

    pwa pwi pwe pwo





    Then refer to this tutorial on how to configure your UTAU so it will sound better when singing:

    If you need help on changing your UTAU program to English, first download the UTAU program, from yes, the UTAU page. To apply an English patch to UTAU, first go to and download the file. Extract those files in another folder which already exists. Then create a new folder with the name "res". Cut and paste the extracted files into the new folder. Then cut and paste the res folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\UTAU or wherever you installed UTAU.

    Hope everything helps!

    Source(s): I'm an UTAU user, I made my own UTAU too ;)
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    I create my .wav files useing Creative SoundBlaster audigy SE/..

    It would help to provide a LINK--to a Product Page..UTAU(??)..

    Source(s): ..?? Most of us are Home Computing.
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