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What are some good martial arts and classes near Kingston (london)?

I have practiced Tae Kwon Do fo about 5 years but I now want to try a different fighting style.

I'm not too bothered on what type of martial art, but I don't want really small in a back ally so could you tell me of any good reputable classes.


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    Shifu Yan Lei traditional Shaolin Gongfu! He is fantastic!

    MMA is the big thing these days thanks to the UFC. Most people just want to beat someone up and be seen doing it. REAL martial arts are for self defense only. I train in traditional Songshan Shaolin Gongfu (Kung Fu) However, it is a rarity, and clouded by modern Wushu. There are a few options here in ths US. But Shi De Yang in China is by FAR the best option to learn REAL martial arts.

    Shi De Yang's school in China.

    http://shideyang.com/ - learn more about him here.

    here's his actual school


    some Shaolin videos, some of Shi De Yang, other from his school, and some of my favorites, to inspire you.

    Shaolin Documentary done by national geographic. anything you want to know about it, is in these videos. here's part 1, you'll find the other parts right next to it on youtube.


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    documentary done by discovery channel. 2 americans go on a fight quest to shaolin


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    they teach you drunken fist as well.. by far the coolest form in martial arts. (no you don't drink before you do it, it's meant to confuse your opponent.) and yes, those sticks are real, and solid, and they don't even feel it.


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    here's some old school videos showing Shi De Yang and his fellow students. this is shaolin back in the day. yes, Jet li, the movie star is in some of these videos, part 2 and 3 i think. he's young, but you can tell it's him.


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    another video of shi de yang, you can see how he runs his school, also what a peaceful person he is. this man is deadly with kung fu skills, and the nicest person you'll ever meet, he is also very smart, he's an intellectual scholar, who knows a TON about philosophy, and a master in every form of Shaolin Kung Fu.


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    The empty mind.. short clip on shaolin


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    anything else man just search shaolin kung fu, gongfu, qigong, shaolin chan city, anything in youtube, there's tons of videos.

    like i said before, i've done TONS of research, and there are hundreds of fakes and frauds out there, and only a handful of real ones. so here's the deal.

    Shi De Yang in China. By far the best option

    Le Fujun in St. Louis Missouri. Trained by Shi De Yang

    Shi Yan Ming in NYC, very expensive, but legit.

    (he trains the wu tang clan, wesley snipes, and tons of other celebs, he's so popular in new york city, he's real, but he's so expensive.) cool video to check him out if you want though.


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    here's RZA from wu tang, with Shi Yan Ming


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    Shi Xing Mi in Italy, also trained by Shi De Yang.

    (he is walter in the documentary i sent you first, thats his chinese name, walter is his english name)

    Shi Yan Lei in London, England. trained by the Shaolin Temple, and an amazing person!

    Shi De Ru in Louisiana. Also trained by Shi De Yang.

    Shi De Cheng in China. Grew up with Shi De Yang, very good, but not as good as Shi De Yang.

    so, just about everyone who's real, and a master.. is trained by shi de yang. so you can either go to them for weekly classes here in the US.. or you can go LIVE and train and be apart of the LIFESTYLE in China. It's up to you. there's a small few here in the US.. you'll have to pay to live in your own apartment, work a job, and have a life outside of kung fu. Or, you can devote yourself to it, and make it your LIFE, in China at Shi De Yang's school. Anything else you come across on the internet is fake, and a fraud, so stay away.

    I currently train with Le Fujun in St. Louis and will be making annual trips to Dengfeng in the Henan Province of China (where the Shaolin temple is located) to train at Shi De Yang's school. He is by far the best option.

    I wish you great success! Don't be fooled by tough guys in Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai. Shaolin teaches Sanda kickboxing, which is Muay Thai's older brother. ANY martial art you see in the world today, comes from Shaolin. It is the original, it is effective, and it is very spiritual. The best martial art in the world today. Don't let these UFC wannabe's drag you down with them, pick a REAL martial art. Shaolin Gongfu! All the best! Amituofo!

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