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broadband speed test.......?

my upload speed is 0.70mb/s and download speed is 7.29mb/s. Im have a subscription for 20mb broadband speed, do you think my speed is good, im i getting for what ive payed for

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    Your upload speed is horrible but the download speed is ok, still not great. You never get what you pay for with cable. You'll never 20mbps or anywhere near that. It's just a theoretical maximum. If you want to get what you pay for, get fiber, like FiOS.

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    It depends upon when the test is performed, if it is during high usage times then it may be acceptable. If it was during periods when few of your neighbours are on line, then it is definitely not good. It could be because the ISP is having problems with the link to your house, it could mean that the ISP has over subscribed its routers and is paying the price. It could be that within the house that there is an issue with interference, or attenuation of the signal. It could be that there is a problem with the site that you have used to do the speed test. It could be that there are issues with your computer.

    So are you getting what you have payed for, probably not, and it may be an ISP problem or it could be your problem.

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    No. I'm paying for 10mbps speed and my upload speed is .94mbps and download speed is 7.77mbps. I would call your provider and make sure that is what you're paying for and if so, I'd either ask them what's going on with your speed test results or just go with the lower subscription pckg.

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