Diversity: What R the 1st 3 things you think about when you see: Asian, Afr. Amer., Hispanic, White woman?

I'm getting a certificate in Diversity Training. Assignment is to survey a random group and ask what are the first three things YOU think about when you see a minority female. Don't think about the answer - just pretend that these women just said hello, or came in for an interview, sat next to you, etc.

Please answer in this fashion:

Asian: 1)____ 2)___ 3___

Afr. Amer.1)____ 2)___ 3___

Hispanic 1)____ 2)___ 3___

White 1)____ 2)___ 3___

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    Asian: Cat shaped eyes, hair, bone straight hair, slim physique

    Afr. Amer: Curves, Full lips, kinky hair

    Hispanic: Any race

    White: different colored eyes, different hair colors, Light skin

  • 9 years ago

    White and Asian are races.

    Hispanic and African American are not.

  • 9 years ago

    for all of them i would think "huh, they were nice."

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