Can a Marine go into the Naval Academy?

Can someone who is already a marine go into the U.S. Naval Academy?

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    Yes, however, if you are not already enlisted in the Marines and are seeking an appointment to the Naval Academy, this may not be the best plan. The past two years, the Naval Academy in implementing its new number one priority has significantly reduced the number of prior enlisted Sailors and Marines appointed to the Academy. This year there were seven enlisted Marines appointed, none directly, all seven spent a year at the Naval Academy Prep School. Twelve Sailors were appointed directly but of the twelve, seven were out of the Nuclear Power School. An additional fifteen Sailors were appointed after spending a year at the Prep School. 8.4% of the Naval Academy Class of 2014 class appointed from the Naval Academy Prep School were prior enlisted Sailors or Marines, 22/261. Assuming every prior enlisted Sailor or Marine accepted an offer of appointment to the Academy, this means that 2.3%(34/1464) of offers of appointment were made to prior enlisted Sailors and Marines.

    See page 2:

    The other 91.6% of Prepsters were high school students recruited for athletics and other Academy recruiting goals including their new number one priority. Enlisted in the Navy Reserves and placed on active duty on the day of enrolling in the Naval Academy Prep School; thereby making them eligible to attend the Naval Academy Prep School and eligible for a Secretary of the Navy Nomination the following year when appointed to the Academy, assuming the Prep School year is completed. If you are not already enlisted, go to a college and take the curriculum recommended on page 20 of the 2009-2010 Usna Catalog.

    "For College applicants, it is recommend that you take the following classes during your first semester – Calculus, Chemistry with Laboratory, English Composition, and U.S. History."

    If the college offers Nrotc, join as an Nrotc Commander can offer his Midshipmen Nominations to compete for Appointment to the Naval Academy.

    Good understanding of Nrotc by reading the FAQ on the website of the nation's first Nrotc Battalion:

    Nrotc Scholarship Program versus College Program:

    If the college does not offer Nrotc, apply for the Plc. If appointed fine, then you will go to Plebe Summer. If not, this is another commissioning source, a well paid summer internship and will likely increase chances if the decision is to try again for the next class at the Academy.

    Good Luck!

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    Each service has a program to funnel a certain number of service members into the respective academies. Naturally those selected from the Marine Corps go to the Naval Academy.

    Source(s): 25 years active Army service.
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    Yes of course. If you meet all the requirements and get accepted you are able to go. The Naval Academy would be the place for you since it is comprised of both the Marines and the Navy. After you graduate you have the choice of what branch to serve in.

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    The Marines don't have their own service academy, so some of the graduates from Annapolis are sent to the Marines each year.

    See your career counselor (or whatever the Marines call them), and ask about the officer programs for which you may be eligible.

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    Yes, many have done enlisted duty first then went to a service academy thus gaining commission.

    In correction to the post Zach above, the USNA can commission either into the USMC or Navy.

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    Summer seminar has NOTHING to do with admittance to the Academy. in fact many who are invited to attend will NOT get a nomination. the class of '16 had a 12% selection rate. one of the lowest in the country.

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    Yes, and as an active duty member there are more slots available.

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    If they accept your application and you meet al the quals, sure.

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    Yes if your look for a career in the navy

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