Even if it was true, why don't Noah's Ark believers seldom admit that the story sounds far fetched?

Example: if I had to tell primitive people living in the jungle about the Apollo moon landings who never had contact with the outside world, I would start out with "I know it sounds far fetched but it's true. I watched it on this thing called TV, which is a mechanical box that shows you events transpiring. I realise that sounds awfully far fetched too, but it's true, as well. Anyway, this is how it was done..."

Why don't believers in the literal account of Noah's Ark admit or acknowledge that every single element in the story from start to finish at least 'sounds' far fetched, even if, for the sake of argument, it was actually true?

1. The story starts out with God being disappointed with his creation, as if that makes sense. They are all corrupt, including babies and animals- every single person on the face of the earth that is, except for one man.

Let's say this is true. How does it not at least 'sound' incredibly far fetched, though?

2. God somehow warns everyone in the world that if they don't repent that he's going to flood the earth but they don't listen. Only Noah obeys, so God spares Noah's kin and tells them to build a giant wooden boat the size of the Titanic.

By the way, despite overwhelming evidence that people thousands of years ago were lucky to live to be 30, it says in the Bible that people back then were living to be 300 or 600 or 900 years old. Also, they were giants (around 12 feet tall) and this is how the huge vessel was constructed.

Let's say that this is true. How does it at least not 'sound' incredibly far fetched, though?

3. Then God miraculously causes all the animals in the world, one male and one female of each species, to migrate to Noah's Ark so that the animals will continue to mate and reproduce after the flood is over. Never mind that, like Adam and Eve, it involves inbreeding.

Again, let's say that this actually happened. How does it at least not 'sound' incredibly far fetched, though?

I believe in God but not in things that don't make sense from a literal perspective.

Symbolism is another matter.

Perhaps with God, as with advanced technology, anything is possible.

What's wrong then with literal Bible interpreters at least simply saying, "I know that Bible stories like Noah's Ark sound awfully far fetched but they're true."

What I find enormously puzzling, are staunch believers who don't even seem to think that any of the elements in Noah's Ark sound even remotely far fetched to begin with.

I know that religious people will defend themselves for having such strong faith that they automatically believe everything in the Bible without question.

However,is it good to have such a distorted sense of reality, though? Can't that lead to certain problems in real life?


Vicky- why doesn't even the possibility of some sort of higher power make sense?

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    9 years ago
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    because its a fairy tale and not even original its copied from the Epic of Gilgamesh and if they admit that's its fairytale then its a down hill from there the rest of the fairy tale book ...sorry the bible is bs then that mean no god no god no afterlife so its fear of death that fuels the fairy tale

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  • 9 years ago

    I respect all your logical concept.I put it forward to the custodians of that book;'called The Bible'.I use to ask,what's the relevance of Bible to our today's life?.The book believers will say' Lets read the book because it;s our Lords command,without the relevance,to the things which affects our individual lifes today,in line with the stories said in Bible.To me it sounds far fetched,just like you said.

    The story of Noah;s Ark sounds awfully far fetched.But they are true in the sense that, it;s trying to illustrate how enormouse,those who are actually going astray from the word of God in every generations.

    Noah and his kin,s are the example of the few who understood the word;s of God.Many of those distroyed are them book believers who claim they know the Bible.Its true that you,and you alone can be good in one thing at a time,Thats Noah for you,He was good at that particuler time to the geft of Understanding The common nature of God.

    The best way to understand the Bible is to read it by yourself,let the understanding follow

    .Bless is the man who walk not in the ways of the sinners,Nore seat in the congregation of the Un-Godly,Nore stand in the ways of sinners.But his delight is in the word of God.For he shall be like a tree planted by the river side;for it;s leaves shall not perised,Nore weeded.

    I hope all this makes sense,as we dont have to confuse Fact with Reality.God Bless

    Source(s): I have always studied my book very well,;The Bible;and have compared it;s relevance to my life.I know the words are true,the teaching is evil.
  • 9 years ago

    Your question is erroneous to begin with.you give all your own answers.People are not going to

    say what others want to hear.the Mets are far fetched saying they will win the series.

    Fans do not say it is far fetched .they believe it.same with an atom.it is taken as fact,when you never saw it.Everyone has problems.you say only believers?I feel sorry for those who try to use a millimeter to gain a mile.

    People can learn to expand their mind,there is only less than 1 percent of available information people pick up.

    The world does not end at the moon.i thought everyone knows that..enjoy today..


  • 3 years ago


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  • Vicky
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    9 years ago

    I believe in God but not in things that don't make sense

    Now there is a paradox filled with irony if I ever saw one!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    little different than todays world.

    of coarse it sounds fantastical,

    doesnt make it untrue

  • 9 years ago

    Because with our God anything is possible.

  • 9 years ago

    cool story bro

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