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what historical figure with the initials LC?

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    Louis Calhern Actor Duck Soup

    Lee Calhoun Track and Field Olympic hurdler

    Luís de Camões Poet Os Lusíadas

    L. Sprague de Camp Author Lest Darkness Fall

    Louise Campbell Actor Bulldog Drummond Comes Back

    Luther Campbell Rapper 2 Live Crew, Luke Records founder

    Lawrence Cannon Politician Canadian MP, Pontiac

    Lou Cannon Journalist Reagan biographer

    Lizzy Caplan Actor Kat Warbler on The Class

    Lois Capps Politician Congresswoman, California 23rd

    Leo von Caprivi Head of State Chancellor of Germany, 1890-94

    Leos Carax Film Director The Lovers on the Bridge

    Linda Cardellini Actor Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

    Lázaro Cárdenas Head of State President of Mexico, 1934-40

    George L. Carey Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1991-2002

    Len Cariou Actor Sweeney Todd

    Letitia G. Carlson Relative George Washington University Medical Center

    Leonard Carmichael Educator Smithsonian Chief, 1953-64

    Lou Carnesecca Basketball Longtime coach, St. John's University

    Lazare Carnot Mathematician Organizer for Victory

    Leslie Caron Dancer Gigi

    John Le Carré Novelist The Spy Who Came In From the Cold

    Luis Posada Carriles Terrorist Cuban terrorist in US custody

    Leo Carrillo Actor Pancho on The Cisco Kid

    Leonora Carrington Painter Last living Surrealist

    Leo G. Carroll Actor Waverly on The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

    Lewis Carroll Author Alice in Wonderland

    Lisa Nicole Carson Actor Renee on Ally McBeal

    Lynda Carter Actor Wonder Woman

    Lisa Carver Author Rollerderby, Suckdog

    Lynne Carver Actor American character actress

    Lionel Casson Scholar The Ancient Mariners

    Laetitia Casta Model Yves St. Laurent supermodel

    Augustin-Louis Cauchy Mathematician Infinitesimals, theory of substitution groups

    Leslie Cauley Journalist End of the Line

    William Lee Cazort Politician Twice Lt. Governor of Arkansas

    Lord David Cecil Author Melbourne

    Camilo José Cela Author La familia de Pascual Duarte

    Louis-Ferdinand Céline Novelist Voyage au bout de la nuit

    Luis Cernuda Poet Generation of '27

    Lincoln Chafee Politician US Senator from Rhode Island, 1999-2007

    Jack L. Chalker Author SF author, wrote Well World series

    Lon Chaney, Jr. Actor The Wolf Man

    Lon Chaney Actor The Phantom of the Opera

    Lauren Chapin Actor Father Knows Best

    Lonny Chapman Actor American character actor

    Leslie Charteris Novelist Created Simon Templar

    Linda Chavez Activist Neoconservative activist, pundit

    Lynne Cheney First Lady Wife of US Vice President Dick Cheney

    Luigi Cherubini Composer The Water Carrier

    Leslie Cheung Singer Cantopop singer, jumped to death

    Louis Chevrolet Auto Racing Designed the first Chevrolet

    Lisa Cholodenko Film Director Laurel Canyon

    Lou Christie Singer/Songwriter Lightning Strikes Again

    Leon Chua Scientist Hypothesized the memristor

    Liz Claiborne Fashion Designer Founder of Liz Claiborne, Inc.

    Larry Clark Film Director Kids

    David L. Clarke Archaeologist Analytical Archaeology

    Lenny Clarke Actor Uncle Teddy on Rescue Me

    Lana Clarkson Actor Barbarian Queen

    Les Claypool Musician Lead singer of Primus

    J. M. G. Le Clézio Novelist Nomadic novelist

    Lucille Clifton Poet Good Woman

    Lee J. Cobb Actor The Left Hand of God

    Levi Coffin Activist Helped thousands of slaves to freedom

    Larry Cohen Film Director The Stuff

    Leonard Cohen Singer/Songwriter Everybody Knows

    Lester Cole Screenwriter Born Free

    Larry Collins Author Is Paris Burning?

    Lyn Collins Musician Think (About It)

    Lionel Conacher Hockey Canadian All-Around Athlete

    Leon N. Cooper Physicist BCS Theory of Superconductivity

    Le Corbusier Architect Most influential 20th century architect

    Lùcio Costa Architect Designed the city of Brasilia

    Lou Costello Actor Half of Abbott and Costello

    Lol Coxhill Musician Sax improvisor

    Lucas Cranach Painter German painter

    Lorenzo di Credi Painter Florentine Renaissance painter

    Lou Creekmur Football Detroit Lions, Hall of Famer

    Laird Cregar Actor The Lodger

    Linda Cristal Actor Victoria Cannon on The High Chaparral

    David L. Cunningham Film Director The Path to 9/11

    Leon Czolgosz Assassin President McKinley's assassin

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