deciding on college major?

i was thinking on majoring in japanese in college,

but a few people told me that is a useless major? i googled the jobs i can possibly get,

and jobs such as linguist, translator etc.. came up

they don't seem useless to me

but if so please explain why?

also what is the difference between a minor and a major?

i'm currently taking an AP class in Japanese

(i plan on taking more senior year, i'm a junior)

but please help? (:


excuse me, but i'm a girl. >:[

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    10 years ago
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    Linguist? No...knowing another language doesn't make you a Linguist. Linguistics is the study of how human languages are constructed, not the study of learning to speak additional languages.

    Translators need to be completely fluent in both languages. Learning a language in a purely academic setting can get you to a conversational level, but not 100% fluency. You need real world practice with a language to know the nuances, slang, etc. of each language.

    If you want to learn Japanese, I suggest you double major in Japanese and Business. That would give you an opportunity to be hired with a company that deals with Japanese contacts/clients.

    A major is the subject of your degree.

    ex. Bachelor of Arts degree in "________"

    The blank is the major. In your case, it would be Japanese.

    A minor is just an optional way to take a handful of courses in another area. You don't get a special degree or certificate for it. People do minors either to complement their major with some additional knowledge, or just to pursue a personal interest.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

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