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Does death detain you?

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  • 10 years ago
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    death delights me. i want it. but for some strange reason, that is considered greedy, so alas i am forced to suffer through life. it detains me. oh what i wouldn't give for people to stop remebering me so i could leave quietly without causing a fuss. but hey, God wants me here too so i guess i'll stick around for now.

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  • Well, its True death dos detain me, but form doing bad things. Whenever i think of death, it reminds me that why i am here, why i have to be good and why i have to stay away from evil...Death might sound horrifying, but that's the reason why we fear it and because of it we stop from evil, its the reason that we remain loyal to God, if there was no death, then non of us, or at lease most of th people would never be good, they would not care about religion, so yes... death does detain us, but in a good way, but everyone has their own opinions, To some people death may seem a horrifying truth or just a made up fiction.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Yes he locks me up and spanks me.

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