Who are the greatest international football traitors?

In your opinion?
IMO it's Joey Simunic. Born and raised in Canberra, began playing football with an Australian club, then he fucl{s off to play for Croatia. Disgraceful.
Update: Deco and Balotelli also come to mind; as does Evra and Djibril Cisse
Update 2: @Light shielded by dark
I mean that players choose against playing for their country of birth/origin to play for European nations.
Update 3: @Jyoti
Not that concerned about Vieri, we call him Aussie Christian over here. But we did get his brother, Massimilliano, who we call Mad Max. We'd have been happier if Aussie Christian played for us and Italy took Mad Max.
But he was born in Italy, fair enough he chose them.
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