Physics light helpthanks?

hey so im stuck on the topic of : the colour of objects under different coloured lights and topic of what colours will an object be when different light is shone on that object..: now could you guide me through this pls.... I have no idea about all of this .... One example of a question wuld br greren light shone onto a red object does it absorb reflect light or what and hw wuld i know wat the result colour would be... And can u explain the part when light passess through s filter thanks alot :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Reflected light: Your green light shone on a red object, for example.

    You must remember that the red object reflects the red colour of white light only, and absorbs all the other colours.

    Thus, lighting it with green, the green is absorbed. There is nothing to reflect. The red appears black.

    Passing light through a filter, all the colours in white are prevented from passing through except the one it is meant to pass, e.g. it could be a green- passing filter providing the green light for your problem above. If a filter only passes one particular colour, and that is then passed through a filter that only passes a different colour (say, red), the result will be black (or no light passing), as the green cannot pass through the red filter.

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