Has Anybody Smelled the Holy Spirit?

I am looking for serious responses please. Anyways, today I was at church, and my pastor was really excited to share the word with us today, and he even said he feels really energized by God to share it, so much so that he had us all pray to receieve the Spirit's word before the sermon. Now we went through the sermon, and it was mostly about listening to God, and I really liked how it went. You know how sometimes church is a chore? Well for me this day it definitly wasnt, I kept feeling like I had to hold back the tears, and that I was really close to God. Now here is where the "bizarre" part came in. towards the end, after we all took communion, we were all singing, and I could get these faint smells. At first I thought maybe it was perfume someone was wearing, but I couldnt smell it around me, it would come and go in phases. It smelled alot like hibiscus, flowers, fresh smells that obviously were only in my mind as far as I could deduct. Now I remember my mother who is a strong christian once told me she could smell the Spirit, and that it smelled like fresh flowers too. Thus I concluded that must have been what it was. I then realized the reason the smell wasnt lingering over a period of time is that perhaps the Spirit was moving all around the room, and thus each individual would get a series of small fragrances. I can count about 3 times that I had about a 2 second wiff of the fragrance, each time smelled so beautiful, familiar in a way, yet so unreal.

Now dont get me wrong, im a very down to earth Christian, I am not charasmatic, I dont believe in signs and miracles to build a faith on, in fact ive never experienced anything (that I know of) that was supernatural/divine that it transcended a physical sense, ie being able to smell it. Thats why I write all of this, because im not one of these people that has tons of stories about miraculous and divine things happening on our plane of existance. In fact this has definitly been the closest thing to "feeling the Spirit" I have ever experienced.

Im left mostly with amazement and awe, I dont feel afraid, I never did at all, it just felt so surreal smelling those short fragrances. I have know and truly believed He was there all along, I think it just caught me off guard because I havent been living the most Godly of lifestyles, so I think for me, being able to experience that, only confirmed for me that even though im not perfect, God truly does love me. Now im asking if anybody else has experienced this as well? I havent been able to find any serious responses online about this, so im asking here. Has anybody else been able to smell Him?

I am hoping to get responses only from down to earth Christians, no jokes, no crazy off the wall fundamental Christian stuff please, thanks in advance!

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    I have never experienced such myself. In fact, apart from one ambiguous situation years ago, I have never experienced anything "miraculous" or "divine".

    That said, your experience of "smelling the Spirit" has been documented (Other people's experiences: http://forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=22577 ). It's referred to as the "odour of sanctity", although it usually refers to smelling a saint/the Blessed Virgin Mary, rather than the Holy Spirit itself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odour_of_sanctity

    It's nice to know that you are one of these "down to Earth" Christians. The word "miracle" is abused and overused on a daily basis - unfortunately by Christians - that it has stripped meaning from the word.

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    • Antman5 years agoReport

      I smelled that same faint smell at a women funeral. The women was very close to GOD.

  • 4 years ago

    I am Christian and I have experienced the holy spirit visitation on multiple instances. The first time, a beautiful sweet smell like oil appeared in my living room. The other times were smells of a delicate perfume. The scent usually occurs before I receive good news. God is real and He loves us.

    • Leah Rose6 months agoReport

      I experience that sMell on the room where I pray always to God.

  • 3 years ago

    I have had several encounters with the Holy Spirit, including two over the past two days. He has revealed himself wit a perfumed scent that only comes from divinity. It is a sweet and absolute pure smell that when experienced is so precious. If you could bottle that aroma you would be very wealthy. The true wealth comes though from your intimate contact with GOD's truly beautiful HOLY SPIRIT.

    • Leah Rose6 months agoReport

      Wow I want more of You Holy Spirit of the Living God

  • 4 years ago

    About 6 weeks ago I was anointed with oil that contained myrrh, cinnamon, and calamus (mixed with olive oil). I was prayed over for several things to include strength during fasting. Recently, after praying that I could know that the Holy Spirit was with me, I began to smell the same aromas from the anointing oils. I continue to smell them today and in fact smell it now. It s an amazing feeling to know that the Holy Spirit is with me. It helps me stay obedient and makes me think about what I m doing and gives me confidence that I never had before. I ve also had dreams that showed me about my spiritual life and how I was progressing with my walk with God. Prior to that, I could never remember a dream. These dreams, I can remember precisely even though some of them were from weeks ago. God is real...seek and you will find. RickE

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes, I too have experienced it. And did again to day in church. It is an awesome experience. Twice the Spirit has awoken me at night and I felt such a presence of love and smelled a sweet fragrant smell. Once it was somewhat citrusy. I don't know what it means but I know it is a special encounter.

  • 3 years ago

    I smelled the fragrance of God last night in my bed as I prayed. It only lasted a few seconds. I kept sniffing to be sure it was a perfume smell, then I knew it was the smell of the Holy Spirit. I jumped out of bed and googled it. Sure enough, I had experienced the smell of my Lord. I don t wear perfume.

  • 4 years ago

    Very interesting topic. I was praying and worshiping God, and I asked for the Holy Spirit to come into this home and reveal Himself. Nothing happened, and I didn't expect it to either. I just prayed it from my heart. Shortly after, I was in the kitchen washing some dishes, and my mother was in the living room lying on couch watching TV. She started to say in a loud voice, "What is that smell? Where is that smell coming from. I said, "What smell?" She said, "There is this sweet smell. Where is it coming from?" I said, "I don't smell anything." I went in to her, and I didn't smell anything. Then, shortly after as I stood at the sink - it was sort of like a breez - I smelled this very unique sweet smell. It came throught the house, and passed by. I was like, "Is this supernatural." I could not discern...Then, my mother smelled it again, after it came into the kitchen. I said, "mom, it might be the Holy Spirit." She said, "what? What do you mean the Holy spirit." I explained to her about my prayer. Then, I smelled it again. I was wandering...not sure. So, I went to my room where I had been praying and I got onto the computer as I usually do at night. I had Beautiful christian music on(praise and worship type). As I sat there with my feet up, and my mind on other things, the sweet smell came into my room. Now the door was shut! No way a smell could make it into my room. This smell was very nice. I sat there quiet, and it lingered. I got stronger, and then I left my room to tell my mom again, and it was gone.

    I'm convinced this was a supernatural sweet smell of the Holy Spirit. God gave it to me to let me know He was there!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Yes, smelled roses/sweet floral smell at a night of hope event (joel osteen) attended. I had the spiritual smell sense not realizing until i came home and got insight after discerning my sense of smell asking my kid and hubby if they smelled what i did, their answer confirmed what i searched when putting a finger on experience. Feminine presence without a doubt. Google feminine Holy Spirit KJV proof for scripture for evidence of feminine.

  • 4 years ago

    My experience of it yesterday night and this morning is what brought me on net to search if such experiences exists. I have come across very interesting scriptural back facts about this experience. I now believe beyond any doubt that the waves of fragrance I've been experiencing are truly his presence. I must mentioned however that for the past three weeks I have cultivated an environment of intense worship, prayers and fasting. I have done this regularly in the past and recorded uncountable miracles, but I have never experienced fragrances before. This is an exciting new experience to me.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Back in the 90 s whenever we had a Holy Ghost type meeting I ve always noticed a sweet spicy smell. When ever the anoiting fell on the service you could feel his prescence like you could just reach out and touch it and there was always that sweet spicy smell like nothing Ive ever smelled before.

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