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Michael asked in Business & FinanceCredit · 1 decade ago

Need help- want to buy laptop with credit?

I want to get a macbook pro ($1200). My parents want me to start building credit, so they suggested I buy it with a credit card. I have most of the money, but not all of it. I am 18 by the way. I went to the apple online store and tried to get an apple credit card, but it would only let me spend up to $240, according to the results after I put all my info in. Is there any way I can get a credit card of some sort and be able to spend around $1200-1500 on my first purchase and preferably get deferred interest for a good amount of time (the apple card was 12 months no interest on purchases 900 or more, which was perfect). I was thinking, maybe I can do this with my parents as co-signers? maybe? any info will help....and really all I want to do is get this macbook, I really don't plan on using it for anything else, I honestly don't like the idea of buying on credit, but I am told building credit is important. Thanks for the help.

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  • Babe
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    Go to a Best Buy or Fry's or some other store that sells Apple products. Have a sales person write up the purchase of your choice and talk about the credit situation.

    You probably will not get a no-interest card, but maybe a deferred if you are lucky. You might have to kick in some cash out of pocket since you don't have a credit history. Usually a starter account has a very low limit to start off with. But unless you have verifiable income, you may not be able to get the card at all.

    It would be better to go without a co-signer. And if you just can't swing the credit card option for a laptop, wait a little longer, accumulate the cash you need to buy it outright.

    Then go to someplace like Target or Sears or Penney's or Lowe's and get an account started with them. Don't go crazy with the card, but buy something each month to keep an active balance. Pay it off on time every month. After six months you might ask to have your limit increased. A higher limit will help demonstrate your credit worthiness. Do NOT carry a balance month to month. The interest rates are outrages and real killers.

    Good luck!


  • MadMan
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    As an 18 year old? No chance. You would need to have one of your parents as a co-signer. And no other card will give you an interest free period - Apple only does it on their products.

  • ?
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    Son, you need to take some greater math training... Your grandpa procuring a million/2, you procuring a million/4, provides as much as 3/4 of procuring it. So how interior the hell ought to you be procuring all of it?? And in case you need to be procuring 'all of it', why would it not save in mind that your father's $1000 credit decrease (yeah precise) would be in contact??? How do you artwork you need to pay it by surprise considering the fact that your dad has NO credit? do no longer try in charge the Dad's financial corporation for this one,,, it is your DAD'S fault. i've got had credit playing cards ... considering the fact that... 1982, and that that they had have replaced their regulations, they might have replaced their credit limits, yet... none of them has ever suggested i could no longer take care of them... all with the aid of fact I continually saved them as much as date in money. Do the maths and parent it out. good success, toddler. GC

  • 1 decade ago

    You would definately need your parents as cosigners. You will not get a credit limit on your first card that would be much more than $500.

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