Why did people stop watching Death Note after L's death?

NOTE: Don't tell me I spoiled this for you because you should have known it would happen.

I see SO MANY people love Death Note but stopped watching all because L died. May I ask WHY?! It had to be the most PREDICTABLE moment in anime history! Even if you didn't expect it, so what that he died?! Just because one character died means the story ends? Death Note would have had a horrible ending if it was L that caught him.

I'm sorry if this looks more like a rant than a question, I'm just wondering why.


@Flare: The rest of the show was about Light trying to avoid getting caught as Kira...the ENTIRE show was like that!

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    Well we know about at least half of Death Note Fans LOVE L. So they probably found it pointless to continue watching the series if there was no L. I know for a fact, that my friend thinks that L is totally cool, but was entirely upset when he died. But she continued Death Note for the love of the series anyhow.

    I would have to agree with you there. If L was the one who caught him it would have been a totally crappy and predictable ending. There would be no point in building the climax if it was just going to come crashing down like that, L mine as well have caught him episodes ago then.

    Also some people might have lost interest and though it became boring after L died. I mean he was a very creative and eccentric character that made a great impact in the series.

    Well I hope you get what I'm going at.

    Hope this helps!

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    Because a lot of people LOVED L and was rooting for him.

    Not to sound like a total as$ for those L lovers, but he saw it coming...so i agree with you that is WAS predictable.

    It was also predictable that Light was obviously going to die because he just had to! All bad guys die in the end, right?

    But but but HEY!!!

    Have a look at this page from Death Note: http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Death...

    YOU WILL LOVE IT. If you like spoofs :P

    His death became a TOTAL twist, and i loved it, even though he died.

    I knew he died BEFORE the whole crowd knew, because I read the manga first. So when everyone was like "NO L IS DEAD!" when they watched the anime, it really didn't have a huge impact on me the 2nd time round.

    Plus, because of the manga, i knew that N came about, so why not just continue watching the anime?

    And plus, Death Note IS about Light trying to avoid getting caught by playing around with the world...that what makes it so thrilling and psychologically awesome about this anime/manga!!!

    Source(s): read/seen/played Death Note :D
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    I finished it all the way through. One of the best in my book. Most people stop watching it because they don't want to give it a chance just because their favorite character died or because L's death was so surprising to them, and they don't think it should have happened to him. I'll be the first to admit, I didn't see it coming. But when it happened, it honestly wasn't that big of a surprise. I agree with you. It was for the best that L didn't catch him. I mean don't get me wrong, I loved L but still, It would have been too cliche if it ended that way.

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    I didn't stop reading death note BECAUSE L died, but when I tried to read the next volume after he died, I was kinda bored. It wasn't as exciting to me. I had to force myself to read the last few volumes of the manga. So for me I wasn't like "Oh they kill L and being a fan+a girl= demented fangirl who must hate that which killed L!" I mean L wasn't even my favorite character, I think I like Light better lol. I just honestly thought the parts after he died were less exciting :)

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    The show really went downhill after L's death and got pretty ridiculous. While L was a completely original and incredibly interesting character, Near was just lame (so was Mello). It's like they tried too hard to create another character as unique as L. I still really liked the ending though.

    Source(s): Saw the whole anime.
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    A lot of people were on his side and once he died they got angry or they just stopped caring. If they would have kept reading they would have met Near which was to me just Like L and they would have been able to enjoy it all the way through.

    Source(s): This is my Favorite Anime (:
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    I watched it to see L. It ticked me off when he died. After he died, the show just got weird.... the second time it was aired around on adult swim, I watched most of it.

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    Most people watched it because of L. He was just an amazing and well developed character, that it made them mad that he was gone.

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