Does the Iroquois legend of "The Great Peacemaker" validate the Book of Mormon of Christ visiting America?

I'm not a Mormon but then again maybe I am after all.

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    I'm not familiar with that particular legend, but there are many native american legends which support the Book of Mormon. One of the most intriguing legends regards a device called the Giron Gagal, which interpretes to compass or director. The Giron Gagal was a round object mounted on a pole. One tapestry shows a group of people following their leader who holds aloft this Giron Gagal. It shows them coming from the sea and going from city to city. According to legend, the man who leads his army into battle with the Giron Gagal will be victorious. This seems like it comes right out of the Book of Mormon, describing the Liahona which Lehi used to direct the travels of his family toward those regions where they could find food and water. It wasn't a magnetic compass - it didn't always point north. Unlike a compass, the Liahona or Giron Gagal worked according to a person's faith.

  • da d
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    No. There are too many differences between the 2 stories.

    Consider also that the Book of Mormon is fiction written by people in the late 1700's and early 1800's and how it fits in the society at the time it was unearthed.

  • the peacemaker is a native person...not white. not middle eastern. not some god from a foreign belief system. we are not jews. we are not asians. we are not from atlantis or europe or black or islamic or any of the other bizarre claims i have heard non natives rant about.

    NONE of our teachings validate your beliefs and we wish you would stop trying to twist our beliefs to fit your already twisted ones.

    we know who we are and what we are. maybe you should work on that as well for yourself. who are you? what is your place in creation? only when you know this will you stop destroying EVERYTHING you touch. and make no do destroy things with your attitude and words and deeds.

    the only thing our teachings confirm about you is that fact..that your arrival will be the near death of our people. but our teachings do not stop there and we know your days among us are numbered.

    stop spreading lies about our beliefs and who we are!

    Source(s): mohawk traditional who was raised in the beliefs of the haudenasaunee (iroquois) from birth.
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    Do you know what the legend talks about?

    It is more or less the fabled history of the confederacy. It has nothing to do with any other tribes,except for those within the confederacy. This "prophet" united these tribes, and warned of a coming white peoples, that would come and destroy their way of life.

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  • Grant
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    The Iroquois and most Native American Nations believed in the Great Spirit Chief.

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    answer: No such ridiculous story exists. I cannot believe that people believe that an unknown tribe of Jews (no such thing!) jumped in boats and sailed the ocean blue to the new world when they could barely sail to England, especially Jews of that era.

    That's just the beginning of problems for the mythology of Mormon beliefs about America.

    Source(s): card carrying tribal member and Jewish convert
  • lennon
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    The book of mormom came from Mr Smith's imagination

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    No. That is a ridiculous attempt to retcon some legitimacy into Joseph Smith's long con.

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    In my Calif NDN opinion, no it does not. I am going to give you a star so some of my contacts who are Mohawk can give you their opinion.

    Source(s): Calif NDN, not Hebrew
  • Karl
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    Matthew 4:4

    Jesus answered, "It is written: 'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.' "

    This speaks of the bible, the word of God. No other book or anything. Just the bible. Jesus said this so let us all follow this, the word of God. Not a book man wrote, God's inspired word, the bible.

    bless you.

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