Left the US with a TPS status now whats to come back what should he do?

My boyfriend came here to the US 5 years ago illegally they caught him and granted him the TPS. He has 2 kids in Honduras and wanted to go see his kids in Honduras therefore he voluntarily left after being here for 2 years with no criminal record not even a parking ticket! now 3 years later we are still together and now are planning to get married. My question is, since he left voluntarily would that effect him in any way? Like would they not allow him to come back into the US .. even if we do get married?

When he was here he always went to the court dates he had a ssn, working permit.. never got in trouble with the law. (he never got deported nor anything of that sort)

I am just scared that if we do get married they wont grant him the visa because of leaving, when he was here already... please help!

(does anyone know how long the process will take for him to get either approved or denied for the visa after i file the petition for him??)

-Thanks in advance.


He left absolutely voluntarily he wrote a letter stating he wanted to leave to see his kids.. he never got a voluntary deportation letter.

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    well, if he had TPS, he had permission to stay in the US up to the point he left, so there's no reason to believe he was deported. so, he shouldn't have too much of a problem to return if you marry and file, unless something else happened you don't know about. he was certainly free to leave after he got TPS. if you marry and file it will take about a year to get the petition processed and approved, sent to the National Visa Center for additional processing and then scheduled for an immigrant visa interview.

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    Voluntary deportation is still deportation.

    ICE has his photo and fingerprints.

    Once you come here illegally and they catch you there is no shot of you ever getting approved for any VISA in this country. And even if there was, he would have to wait in line for years like everyone else. Yes even if he is married to a US citizen.

    You are free to wait with him in Honduras though.

    He left his kids in another country? What is wrong with him? If he came here legally then he could have brought his kids with him and you wouldn't be having to ask this question. Seriously, it's all about money to these people.

    Oh and if he comes here again illegally and is caught he will serve at least 10 years in prison before being deported again. Looks like you found yourself a winner.


    Was he ever in the custody of ICE?

    The United States doesn't just hand out Green cards, they need to know who this guy is, if he has ever served jail time, his employment history, etc.

    And if ICE has had him in custody then that would disqualify him from ever being able to come back LEGALLY.


    if your boyfriend came here illegally and he worked with a SSN that YOU say isn't fake. Then it was stolen or you're lying. It's not like an illegal can just apply for a SSN.

    Immigration will ask about his employment and they will find out he used a fraud SSN, which is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

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    First I need to know how can someone who VIOLATED the law by entering the country Illegally was able to obtain a SSN and a work permit,are you saying that his SSN is a fake?.

    What you need to do is to get in contact with La Raza group, I'm sure you have heard of them, they will help you for sure but make sure that you do not say anything good about the U.S.A.

    Buena Suerte.

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    First, a psychologist to find out why you would even pursue such a relationship. Second, an attorney to clarify to you what deportation means. Third, a travel agent to plan your relocation to Tegucigalpa because the chances of this guy ever being allowed to set foot in US soil again are slim.

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    I suggest your boyfriend go to the nearest U.S. Embassy and apply for TPS status. Honduras is on the Homeland Security registered list of countries whose citizens are eligible for TPS status.

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